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Todd Wylie Carpenter

Todd Carpenter’s Legal Guides

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  • What Miranda Warnings Mean For You, the Police and the Prosecutor

    Anyone whos ever watched a few minutes of a lawyer or cop show on television has no doubt seen and heard a police officer reciting a series of warnings to someone as they spin them around and throw on the handcuffs in dramatic fashion. Those rights being rattled off are called ...

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  • New York State DMV Regulations Affecting DWI and Relicensing

    At Governor Cuomos urging, the NYS DMV has instituted new regulations affecting the relicensing of individuals convicted of alcohol related driving offenses. The regulations became effective on September 25, 2012 and, without a doubt, make New York one of the toughest states in t...

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  • You Refused a Chemical Test in New York State…Now What?

    WHAT (AND HOW) DID I REFUSE? After you were arrested and taken to the police station, you were probably asked to provide a sample of your breath, blood or urine to determine your alcohol content, or BAC. Usually youre asked to blow into a machine located at the police station. I...

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