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Jonathan Gabriel Schopf

Jonathan Schopf’s Legal Guides

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  • What is Animal Law?

    What is animal law, and more importantly, what is an animal lawyer? For the most part the practice of an animal lawyer is no different than that of the average general practitioner -- with a twist. Animal law is expansive and covers almost every aspect of the law. It is a rapidly...

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  • Overview of the Criminal Law Process

    What is Criminal Law? Criminal law is the body of law that relates to so-called "public wrongs." Criminal law does not concern itself with disputes between individuals, but relates to offenses agains

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  • I have a CDL, are there special penalties imposed on me for a DWI?

    This is a complicated area of DWI law A few important things to remember are: a conditional license will not allow a person to operate a commercial vehicle; there is no hardship license available for

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  • Common Traffic Ticket Questions

    Why shouldn't I just plead guilty? To avoid points, fines and other fees, keep your insurance rates low, and preserve your privilege to drive. Also, New York DMV imposes fees charged to drivers with

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  • Do I need a lawyer to buy a home?

    An experienced attorney will do this by doing the following: - Carefully examine your contract and discuss it with you in detail to make sure that the underlying agreement meets your expectations. If

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  • What are personal injury and Labor Law claims?

    What is a Labor Law claim for a job site personal injury? New York State has special laws to protect employees who work from elevated surfaces, i.e. ladders, scaffolds and roofs. Sometimes commonly r

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