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Craig Dennison Robins

Craig Robins’s Legal Guides

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  • Four Main Reasons Why Creditors Will Not Object to Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge

    1. Adversary Proceedings Are Rare A creditor can object to a bankruptcy discharge by filing a lawsuit within the bankruptcy called an adversary proceeding. However, very few creditors will consider

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  • When Is My Meeting of Creditors in Bankruptcy Court?

    What is a Section 341 Hearing? In every single bankruptcy case, be it Chapter 7, 11 or 13, there is an initial meeting at the bankruptcy court called the Meeting of Creditors. In consumer cases unde

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  • What Should You Do If You Expect a Large Tax Refund, But Haven’t Filed the Bankruptcy Petition Yet?

    TIP: This is where pre-bankruptcy planning becomes very important. If you expect a large refund, you may want to delay the filing of your bankruptcy petition until you receive the refund and spend it

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  • 4 Important Tips to Wipe out Your Debts with Bankruptcy

    Do not wait too long The purpose of bankruptcy is to help individuals and families protect their remaining assets in the face of overwhelming financial problems. If you think you may need bankruptcy

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  • If Miss California Files Bankruptcy, What Kind of Bankruptcy Would She File?

    Donald Trump Fires Miss California. Like So Many Americans, She is Now Out of Work The highly controversial Miss California, Carrie Prejean, just heard the words this afternoon that many middle-clas

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  • How to Eliminate Medical Bills

    There are ways to handle medical debt Three of the most common reasons consumers file for bankruptcy are divorce, loss of a job, and illness. Debts resulting from serious health issues can be overwhe

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