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David J. Abeshouse

David Abeshouse’s Legal Guides

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  • Business ADR (Arbitration and Mediation) vs. Court Litigation for Commercial Cases

    The American court system has been our forum for settling disagreements. This mostly worked, for a century or so. Early in the 20th century, new alternatives arose in reaction to many of the defects of our judiciary, and others globally. Now, 90 years later, Alternative Dispute ...

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  • Don’t Be Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish With Contract Law

    Many start-ups, professional practices, and other small businesses lack line-items in their budgets for legal representation. But they place themselves (and their owners) in considerable peril when they forego having solid written business agreements. Owners of businesses and pro...

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  • Who is Responsible for Paying Legal Fees and Expenses in Business Arbitration Matters?

    In advance of a dispute, at the stage when the parties are in the process of entering into a contract, you definitely should provide in the arbitration clause (agreement) such particulars as who is responsible for payment of arbitration expenses (e.g., filing fees, arbitrator com...

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