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Todd Douglas Greenberg

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  • In NY is it possible to seal a DC now? Also, what is the difference between an ACD and DC?

    It's been five months since I received DC. I paid the fine and fulfilled the community service requirement. Only thing left is to wait for it to be sealed. I was hoping to do it now and what would I do exactly? I have no money left to hire ano...

    Todd’s Answer

    A plea to Disorderly Conduct is a plea to a violation and not a crime if that is what you mean by DC. You do not have a criminal record. Wether it's "hard" to resolve a misdemeanor charge with a plea to a Disorderly Conduct is fact specific and depends on the case. If the Prosecution has a strong case - or believes it has a strong case - it may be difficult. Even so, many first time misdemeanor offenders resolve cases with non criminal dispostions. Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD) is a complete dismissal of charges after 6 months (12 months in Pot case) as long as a Defendant does not get arrested in that period. If so, than the charge could be restored but , in practice, hardly ever is. If you finished your sentence of community service and paid your fine usually there is a part of the sentence known as a Conditional Discharge (CD) which is for one year period. The violation is usually not sealed until that one year period is over.. If you pled guilty to a Misdemeanor and mixed up your terms -- recieved a CD - than you have a criminal record and should speak to your attorney.

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