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Brian Marc Mittman

Brian Mittman’s Legal Guides

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  • What is a WISC in New York Workers Compensation

    WISC is a special 'hearing' part where the parties to a New York Workers Compensation case can agree to settle the claim and quickly appear before a Law Judge to approve the settlement.

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  • Do You Have to Look For Work While Out on New York Workers Compensation?

    There has been serious confusion in New York for Workers Compensation Claimants about when and how they must look for work. Recent decisions from the Court of Appeals have done little to help clear up when and how a Compensation Claimant must look for work.This guide provides some useful tips

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  • New York State Medical Treatment Guidelines in Workers Compensation Cases

    New York States Adoption of the Medical Treatment Guidelines in Workers Compensation Cases has led to unbelievable confusion and denial of needed medical treatment related to work injuries. Although designed to improve the medical care, level the playing field and quickly getting...

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  • Social Security Disability| The Five Step (Sequential) Evaluation Process

    The Social Security Administrative Law Judge uses a FIVE (5) Step process to decide if you are disabled under Social Security. This process is known as the sequential evaluation. It is a sequence where the Judge asks (and you have to answer with evidence such as medical reports a...

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  • Where do I go to apply for Social Security Disability?

    Am I eligible In general, if you have worked for five of the last ten years, paid Social Security taxes, you have a disability (or multiple disabilities), and that disability has kept you from workin

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  • How to Properly File a New York State Workers Compensation Claim

    Notify Your Employer You must notify your employer that you had an accident. The law requires it to be in writing and should be done within thirty days of the injury. However, if you are taken by amb

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