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Angela Conti’s Answers

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  • Where do I go to get accurate info. regarding if a house was sold and how much it was sold for?

    I don't know how reliable websits such as Trulia, Zillow, property shark are. I don't want to get a real estate agent/agency involved, as I'm just curious. I eventually would like to sell my home on my own, and I'd like to have reliable comps. to ...

    Angela’s Answer

    Go to your County Clerk's office with either the address or block and lot and they will be able to assist you.

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  • Will testimony in family court affect criminal court judgement

    I have a domestic violence case and violation of order of protection case in family court. Also, i have the same incident of violation of order of protection in criminal case. I have good chance to win in the family court as i have a lot of eviden...

    Angela’s Answer

    You should listen to your criminal attorney as anything that you say in family court may possibly be used in the criminal court matter. Since the charges in family and criminal court involve the same incident, you should have the two attorneys speak to each other to coordinate your defense.

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