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  1. worst attorney in staten island

    Posted by a Workers Compensation client,
    Overall rating
    Kept me informed
    • I do not recommend Alan Katkin.
    • I hired Alan 1-3 years ago.
    • Alan handled my Workers Compensation matter.
    • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

    i suffered severe injuries at work and the last thing i needed to worry about was the w/c board and my weekly benefits it should have been done by him while i was working on treatment. This man did not call me back for months at a time and in court did not fight for any benefits and settled for the bare minnium to try and get out of the room as quickly as possible to prepare for his next case. I now hired a new attorney who fights constantly for me in court and after this expierence i am wondering how this person is even in business

    1. Alan Stuart Katkin

      Alan Katkin

      Lawyer Comment:

      This is the same former client who left a poor review previously. I don't understand why he persists with his vendetta against me when I haven't even represented him for many months. I did a greta deal of work for him and got him awards with no thanks. In fact, just to show how inaacurate his complaints are, I attended his last hearing becuase the Workers' Compensation Board still had me on notice. He was represented by his new lawyer who he says "fights for him constantly" and his weekly payment rate was actually reduced lower than what I had gotten for him. He didn't appear too happy with them at the hearing. Please look at the other reviews and endorsements to get a true idea of my abilities and concern for my clients. It is really time for this person to move on, but I still hope he is successful with his claim ultimately.

      Posted over 2 years ago. Flag