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Gary C. Angiuli

Gary Angiuli’s Answers

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  • I was injured on the job in August. I'm currently out of work. Can I sue ?

    Metal racks cut two of my fingers. My tendons and nerves were damaged. I'm currently receiving workers comp checks. Can I sue and go back to work at the same place?

    Gary’s Answer

    The most likely answer to your question is that you cannot bring a negligence case. The good news is that the New York State Workers' Compensation law is designed as a no- fault type of staute which generally provides an advantage to someone filing a claim as no negligence is required on behalf of the employer in order for you to receive benefits. . You may sue a third party if someone else was negligent and there may be some hope that you could sue somebody under ceretain exceptions in the construction law if they apply.

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  • Workmans comp case.

    I suffered an herniated disc in my L4 L5 region, as well as an left knee meniscus tear. After all therapy and Pain shots, my doctor recommend surgery for my knee. I opted out because I'm afraid of surgery. My lawyer takes 2-3 weeks to return my ...

    Gary’s Answer

    You have serious injuries and it is a frustrating process to be out of work, in pain, financially strapped, and at the hands of an insurance company. Unfortunately, sometimes pushing an insurance company too hard though telegraphs desparation and to do so would be to diminish your bargaining position. Perhapos this is what your attorney is thinking. Having said that, I think it is still reasonable to expect your attorney to return your calls within 24 hours. Perhaps you should consider consulting another attorney and starting a fresh and more confident relationship with.

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  • Who's name do I write as employer's name on the Workers Comp C-3 form?

    I have been injured on the job and am filing for worker's comp. I have the C-3 claimant form and it says employer. I work for company A (they pay me)... and company B hires company A (general-sub contractor industry). The injury/accident report gi...

    Gary’s Answer

    Based upon the facts which you have supplied, Company A is most likely the correct answer provided that Company A exerts supervision and control over you, pays you , and that you are a W-2 worker. The fact that Company B has hired Company A to do a job for them will in all likelihood prove irrelevant unless there are additional extraneous factors such as , for example, Company B supervising you. Based upon what you have supplied, Company A is the most likely correct answer.

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