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Anthony H. Handal

Anthony Handal’s Legal Guides

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  • Handling Information in Patent Litigation

    Information Gathering Strategic planning depends upon making accurate judgments respecting the likelihood of unknown factors and known factors with unknown likelihoods, which are likely to become known or better quantifiable in the future, and are thus likely to have a not ins...

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  • Strategic Posturing in Patent Litigation

    After a patent is issued, businesses usually take steps to ensure that it will be respected. Such a posturing strategy can be as important as the decision to file in the first place. Many companies have patents which have not been asserted for many years and which are substan...

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  • Preliminary Analysis in Patent Litigation

    Infringement Analysis: The starting point for developing a strategy is a solid assessment of the facts and surrounding circumstances. If you are faced with a lawsuit for infringement or contemplating bringing one under a utility patent to secure your position with respect to a...

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