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  • Our MD sent blood work to the wrong Lab, despite having the correct info on where to send it. How do I fight the $700 Bill?

    Our primary physician referred my husband to a specialist based on the results of blood work taken. The blood work, with the name of the lab we must use, was forwarded to them. At the MD office, they made a copy of my insurance card and accepted...

    Carlos’s Answer

    I would agree with me rothstein and suggest you follow exactly that... It would be in the doctors best interest to help resolve the issue.

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  • Does a legal limit exist for filing a report of police misconduct, w/the internal affairs unit where the officers are stationed?

    It will be one year two days from today that I allege an instance of police misconduct occurred between myself and officers from the local precinct here in New York (Long Island. Despite the function of a police, internal affairs unit I'm a little...

    Carlos’s Answer

    Our office regularly handles civil
    Rights claims, as do many others on this site...

    Generally, you have to file a notice of claim within 90 days of the incident happening.

    If this deadline has expired there is some potential to file up to a year and 90 days through a motion with the court, the judge would have to grant permission.

    Finally, if you've not met this deadline then you have the ability to file a claim in federal court up to 3 years from the date of the incident (or the date of the dismissal for malicious prosecution claims).

    I would suggest contacting an attorney as soon as possible and getting things started immediately so as to avoid missing any of the deadlines above.

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  • What can happen?

    My husband is getting charged for criminal contempt felony. His ex gf called the cops and made various false statement of him beaten her. And also raping her! Is all lies! He got a restraining order against her but she uses it for her advantage no...

    Carlos’s Answer

    He should hire an experienced attorney immediately! He is facing felony charges and as a result could face a significant jail sentence.

    The fact that he woman changed her numbers could be a bad thing as she wants to ensure none of you can reach her! I'm not certain Id take it as her being uncooperative with the police, likely more so protecting herself from the possibility of you and his family/friends calling her.

    I would advise you contact and hire an attorney immediately!

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  • How much time will my brother really do if he gets sentenced to 15 years?

    My brother is facing a minimum 15 years in Federal Prison. If the judge sentences him to 15 years, does it mean that he will do ten if: (1) He gets 54 days of good conduct each year, for a total of 648 days (54 x 15); (2) He gets into the BOP drug...

    Carlos’s Answer

    If this was some time ago has he moved for re sentencing as per the new guidelines? There's generally a significant reduction...

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  • My husband change his old car from 2004 to a 2014 new one. We receive a letter from the police department.

    The letter says they towed the old car on december 2014, no one has gone to claim it and that they will have it there until it goes to auctions. They said that he has to pay 3,000.00 and the car is his. However he trade in his old car to get the n...

    Carlos’s Answer

    You should easily be able to show that you have no liability by following the steps suggested already... Good luck!

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  • Group of doctors want to sue a city hospital for workplace bullying resulting in unsafe conditions for patients.

    Any guidance or help in choosing a laywer would be appreciated

    Carlos’s Answer

    There are just not sufficient facts to really formulate an opinion or advice here... My office regularly handles cases involving hospitals because my family happens to work in hospitals as rns and doctors and as such it's something we're familiar with... But even the our experience is limited to civil rights, accreditation and injury matters... Others will have different experiences/focuses.

    You would have to post significantly more information in order to provide a proper course of action...

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  • Mail fraud 18 usc 1341

    mail fraud involving fake credit card. No criminal history - dollar amount $3000. can the felony be reduced to misdemeanor in plea bargain

    Carlos’s Answer

    I will take a very different approach than any of the attorneys thus far and notnkt is almost impossible to reduce to a misdemeanor as once federally charged there really are almost no misdemeanor options available.

    Given the facts you've mentioned and am amount of just $3000 it seems likely not a case the federal government would be interested in unless there is much more to the case...

    If his is a federal case, and you're charged, then you should either have cja appointed to you or hire an experienced federal practitioner. An charge with such a small loss amount can be worked on to ensure a favorable plea agreement.

    Good luck.

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  • Need a criminal law attorney?

    Hello, My friend was recently hailed a cab to take his mom home from the hospital. At that time the cab driver got into an argument with my friend over the cost of his services. The driver threatened physical harm to my friend and his mom....

    Carlos’s Answer

    Your friend needs a lawyer asap! He is facing serious charges and evidence may exist to prove his innocence.

    You should contact an attorney and get him representation immediately!

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  • I need an attorney to sue rikers island and queens criminal court for holding me in jail for 15days more than required what do I

    I had 2 cases the cases were supposed to be sentenced cuncurrent which is what I copped out to and which I was sentenced to but by mistake put in the computer consecutive.

    Carlos’s Answer

    Our firm regulatory handles such cases, if there was an issue and you actually served more time than you were supposed to then you very well may have a case.

    You should contact any attorney that regularly handles these cases as soon as possible as there are strict deadlines by when cases such as these must be filed.

    If there was a computer error but you didn't actually end up serving more time then there would technically be no harm, and as such you wouldn't have any ability to recover for the error.

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  • Can i talk about grand jury service?

    Can I tell my friend "I got picked for grand jury it was a crazy robbery case, an inmate testified in shackles!" Will that get me in trouble?

    Carlos’s Answer

    If the case is over in all likelihood you will have no real restrictions from discussing your service.

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