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Daniel Adam Hochheiser

Daniel Hochheiser’s Legal Guides

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  • Know Your Legal Rights in the Criminal Process

    Anyone who is unfortunate enough to fall under investigation or arrest for a state or federal offenseby law enforcement must learn their legal rights, or else. Fortunately, in the United States everyone has the constitutional right to legal counsel at all the crucial stages of a...

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  • False and Coerced Confessions

    False and coerced confessions are made by innocent individuals during police interrogations. There are documented cases where innocent people were sent to prison based on a false confession. Most law enforcement officers act in good faith, the majority of them are working in law ...

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  • Understanding Conspiracy Charges

    When two or more people make a plan to commit a criminal act, they are guilty of conspiracy. It only takes one action on behalf of one of the actors to further such crime, for any of the conspirators to be criminally convicted of conspiracy. Conspiracy is a very simple crime to c...

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  • Explanation of Charges for Conspiracy to Commit Crimes

    Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime in the future. Long before the codification of conspiracy, it was merely an agreement to engage in an illegal act with the intent of carrying out that act. The crime of conspiracy is prosecuted separately fr...

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