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  • Filling for I 130 marriage to usa citizen, Do they enquire overseas complaints, investigation in bio metrics test too about me

    out of jealeous some body complaint about me that i am a criminal (not actually) in the USA embessey in India. Now i am filling i 130. so do USCIS care about these complaints made overseas.

    Marc’s Answer

    I agree with my colleagues, if it comes to their attention they will care.

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  • How long can ICE hold a person at the port of entry for questioning? What are the person's rights and what can her relatives do?

    I have a friend who is being held along with her son in Houston by Immigration personnel. She is coming to have a baby and already made an appointment with a hospital in Houston. She has been held for almost 24 hours. ICE refuses to state to her r...

    Marc’s Answer

    I agree with my colleague, the issue may be the fact that she was coming into the US to give birth.

    Many attorneys will provide an free initial consultation, but the cost to file such can be substantial.

    Good luck.

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  • 1) Can I apply/upgrade my wife 485 in F2A (Family-based) category now? 2) What will be the priority date?

    In September 2013 I have added my wife to my EB2 green card as my priority date (May 2008) became current. By end of September 2013 I got my green card. My wife has not got green card yet. She got EAD/AP card. My priority date is not current any m...

    Marc’s Answer

    You can file a petition for your wife (I-130). Your priority date will be the date that USCIS receives the petition.

    The priority date for F2A has been September 08, 2013 since October of this year.

    You should consider hiring an attorney, whether myself or a colleague to prepare and file your wife's petition.

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  • I have a green card based on political asylum and I need to go to Alaska by car. What kind of travel documents do I need?

    I have a green card based on political asylum and I need to go to Alaska by car. What kind of travel documents do I need? I will have to cross the territory of Canada(a foreign state), so it is like I will be entering the US from abroad.

    Marc’s Answer

    I agree with my colleagues.

    You will need a Refugee Travel Document in order to return to the US. You should also find out if you will require a visa to enter Canada.

    You should file the I-131 while you are in the US, this way you can attend the biometric appointment.

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  • Thinking to apply i 130 , married on feb 28 , 2013. should i wait for 2 years to apply to waive/escape removal of condition appl

    do every one get removal of condition on marriage base. or if married for more than 2 years then apply for i 130 , they give straight 10 years green card.

    Marc’s Answer

    If you are married for more than 2 years at the time of the interview and when the green card is issued, USCIS issues the 10 year permanent green card.

    If you are in the US illegally, waiting can have serious consequences and risks.

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  • CBP in the airport kept green card holder for 5 hours.

    My mom arrived in LAX on Sunday. She has every paper she needed. But the security kept her 5 hours after the plan landing with 9 green card holders in the airport security room. Is this legal? I called the airport to ask them why, they could not f...

    Marc’s Answer

    I agree with my colleague, it is legal.

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  • My husband's finances are such that we will probably never be able to file Adjustment of Status.

    I have come to the conclusion that, as my USC husband is a financial train-wreck, we will not be able to file for my Adjustment of Status. I know about the procedure and all the forms. What I'm wondering is this: Say he has an accident, or dies...

    Marc’s Answer

    Unfortunately, your question is not related to immigration.

    What you and your husband should do is work on fixing his financial problems. For example, if he owes back taxes, find a tax specialist that can help set up a reasonable payment plan.

    If he does not earn sufficient to file the affidavit of support, try to find a friend or family member who is willing to be a co-sponsor.

    Obtaining a consultation with an immigration attorney should also be considered. The attorney can make the determination about filing for your adjustment of status.

    You might have options that you are not even aware of.

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  • My mother enter the country as a visitor B2. We applied I130 for adjustment of status. We received a receipt I797 C.

    Her visitor visa expires in couple weeks. Does I797C gives her rights to stay in the US while her I130 case is pending?

    Marc’s Answer

    No, it does not.

    Your question is unclear, did you apply for her I-485 as well? If you did apply for the I-485, then she is allowed to remain in the US until a decision is rendered on her I-485.

    You should consult with an immigration attorney to evaluate your case.

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  • I have green card .Can my husband apply for green card without knowing me?

    My citizenship interview is in 1 week. I am going divorce my husband but he says NO for the obvious reason. He had L-1 visa for 4 years but it had been denied but he appealed it. What happens to his visa status when I start divorce pr...

    Marc’s Answer

    I agree with my colleagues, his L-1 status has nothing to do with your divorce, as long as you have not already petitioned for him.

    Unless his appeal is granted he may have to leave the US.

    No, he cannot apply "through you" without you knowing.

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  • Got a letter from USCIS that MY I131 was denied coz the amount incorrect & I applied for it with my I130, I765, I485 and I864.

    According to USCIS is says if I youre applying with the whole package you only pay for I130 and I485. and mine was denied because "the check amount was incorrect or hasnt been provided. ALso i realized I did not sign. I plan on re-mailing it soon ...

    Marc’s Answer

    Just send a new check and make sure to sign it.

    We find it easier to send two for the I-130 ($420.00) and one for the I-485 (I-765, I-131) of $1070.

    You do not need to send a letter explaining it.

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