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  1. My dad went to jail for a misdemeanor. Now he is goin to get deported what should we do ?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

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    Absolutely, you should hire and immigration lawyer who focuses on deportation defense. It will also be helpful for you to consult with a criminal attorney so you can try to vacate your father's conviction from 25 years ago. Incidentally, we are a full service deportation defense and criminal law firm. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation. Sanjay Sethi, Esq. Office: 201.606.2267 Mobile: 917.886.8288 Fax: 201.595.0957

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  2. Can I get in trouble for violating my own restraining order?

    Answered over 4 years ago.

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    To answer the first question posed in the title of your post, you will not "get in trouble" for calling your husband while a TRO was in effect. The restraining order is meant to protect the victim from contact by the defendant, not vice versa. Only the defendant can violate the restraining order by contacting you; on the other hand, you cannot be criminally responsible for making contact with the defendant. With regards to the second question, the judge may consider the fact that you...

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  3. What can I do in order to file counter-charges / sue my roommate who pressed false charges against me?

    Answered almost 4 years ago.

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    Though I would need more information, it seems as if your roommate has gotten a temporary restraining order or TRO against you and may have also filed criminal charges against you. I would encourage your other roommate to file charges against the first roommate based on the physical altercation. You will ultimately have a final restraining order or FRO hearing in Middlesex County Court for the restraining order you have against your roommate and the one he has against you. Additionally, you...

  4. How do I know that my husband was served with a FRO and can he appeal the FRO after 45 days?

    Answered over 4 years ago.

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    Even if he was not served with the FRO, your husband could still get in trouble for contacting you, provided that he was served with the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) that was issued earlier. In case your husband was served with the TRO, any contact your husband made with you would constitute a violation of a court order. However, if he was not served with the TRO and the FRO, it is highly unlikely that he will be charged with a violation of the restraining order. If your husband...

  5. I want to drop my restraining order on my fiance how can i do it?

    Answered over 4 years ago.

    1. Sanjay Sethi
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    A restraining order can only be dismissed by the court that issued it. Therefore, you must file a motion to dismiss the restraining order against your fiance with the court that originally issued the Final Restraining Order.