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Scott Capriglione’s client reviews

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  • Scott is the reason for all lawyer jokes !

    1.0 star

    Posted by Bill

    Hired attorney

    I hired Scott for my divorce. Paid all money up front . Scott never returns calls and when it's time for court he isn't prepared. He crams your case in the waiting room . Due to his lack of of work ethics my divorce dragged on for 3 years .
    I had to rehire him for a final judgment . Again had to pay, he wasn't prepared and it took 7 months for him to file the paperwork for a lien against my ex after court. The paper work is wrong and after arguing with him his response is if you want it done come in for an appointment and sign a new contract. I now have to take a day off from work to go to family court to finish this paperwork and finish this myself after he was paid for it.
    During your divorce you get beat twice.
    Once by your ex the second time by your lawyer !

  • Pro se is better than Capriglione

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I was plaintiff in my divorce & ex used capriglione. Never returned my calls as I was pro se. Never reviewed the info for trial I sent him. Never even submitted his info for the trial as required. Made himself look like ass in court when judge questioned him on the material I sent . Told judge "it was just too much information to review." The first day of trial he objected to EVERYTHING - from the seat I was sitting in to the judge questioning my witnesses and to the judge speaking to us and to every time I spoke. Last day of court he didn't even show up, but called my ex in the middle of the decision reading by the judge - he would not allow ex to hang up and judge was pissed & walked out of courtroom. My ex lost 2 lawyers (deaths) before this one. I fired mine because I couldn't afford one anymore. I have some paralegal background. The judge complimented me on my thoroughness and timely manner for submissions and then turned to capriglione and told him that he should take a lesson from me even though I was not an attorney I was more professional than he was.

  • Scott Capriglione Sucks!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Matt

    My ex wife filed for divorce in January 2012. I retained Scott as an attorney because he advertised he was a "Father's Rights Advicate". Upon an intital consultation, he promised me that I would get overnight visits with my son very quickly. That didn't happen until my divorce was final on September 7,2012.

    He also guarenteed me that the support ammount in which I was paying to my ex as "pendente lite" support would drop on final divorce decree. I didn't drop but I also wound up paying an additional $141 in child support. I was already paying $350 a week, which I was barely affording and now he found it acceptabe that my total support with alimony is now $444 a week. This guy is unreliable, never returns phone calls, does't send copies of correspondance between he and his adversary regarding my case.

    You go to his office to meet with him and he's whisking you out the door after 5 minutes. I guess he finds that acceptable because he charges a flat fee. Makes promises that he can't deliver on, and is a spineless jellyfish when it comes down to face to face meetings with his adversaries. I wouldn't recommend him to represent my dog in a dog bite lawsuit.