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Michael A Ferrara Jr

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  • Why is a deposition needed if car accident is clearly the other person fault

    I have to go to a deposition to go to the accident was clearly the other person fault and i don't see why they are making me go like I'm the one that did something wrong

    Michael’s Answer

    Both sides can depose each other. It can be a good thing for you. The other side can judge your credibility and likeability. Two important factors in case value.

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  • Can you sue some ones future inheritance .

    some one severely intentionally injured me, my injury will affect me the rest of my life. He does not have much now, but his elderly parents are well off, and he will inherit all of it. is there a statute of limitations on this, and can I sue him ...

    Michael’s Answer

    Sorry about your injury. You can sue within 2 years. A jury or judge will award you a verdict. That judgment remains open and has to be renewed every 20 years. If he eventually gets money you can collect.

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  • Recently I filed a civil lawsuit for money damages with the Superior Court, Monmouth County and the attorney for the defendant..

    The defendants attorney had the case/action transferred to the District court sighting bogus reasoning to doing so...I was curious, as to, how I can get the case remanded back to The Superior Court, as it has no business being in the District cour...

    Michael’s Answer

    Many attorneys are lost when it comes to practicing in Federal Court. Someone who is Pro Se simply cannot do it. Many try and most fail. Just get an attorney. Good luck.

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  • Can I sue for negligence or malpractice?

    My sons hand was infected from bacteria getting into an open wound and had to have surgery Nov 17 to clean and drain it. The surgeon left the packing in his hand for 4 days and the infection got worse. He was released with the same packing Nov 20 ...

    Michael’s Answer

    Sorry to hear about your son. Getting infections is an accepted risk. However, talk to an Allegheny County member of PAJ for a free evaluation. Good luck.

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  • I have a dental malpractice case

    I believe I have a dental malpractice case and live in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. I have called a number of medical malpractice attorneys only to find out that they do not handle dental claims. I have done a lot of the preliminary w...

    Michael’s Answer

    There are some very good attorneys in the ABE area. Make sure they are members of PAJ and AAJ. Good luck.

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  • Do I have a case for Dental malpractice

    Years ago I had a root canal and a crown put on by one dentist I then moved and got a new dentist after a few years I went to this dentist thinking the tooth next to the one that had the root canal had an issue because I had discomfort when I ate ...

    Michael’s Answer

    Sorry to learn. The normal 2 year limit may not apply. It may be two years from when you discovered the object left in. Not a big case, but one a younger attorney in your county may want to run with. Good luck.

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  • Can an American attorney represent me in a civil dispute I have with a Scottish Public body? I'm American by the way.

    I'm an American who lived in Scotland for three years. During this time, I had a civil dispute with a Scottish Ombudsman about libel and slander. I tried getting legal help when I was in Scotland, but I found their legal system to be biased agains...

    Michael’s Answer

    Attorneys can only practice law in the state or country in which they are admitted.

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  • Can I take legal action against ER?

    My daughter was prescribed incorrect dosage for Tylenol at the hospital. Sent home with no proper diAgnosis no tests were performed. My family dr ran all tests the next day and told me dosage was too high and shocked they did no test!

    Michael’s Answer

    Let me guess. It was Inspira Hospital. That is a place where many malpractice cases occur. If I were you, I'd not use hospitals in Cumberland or Gloucester counties, but rather drive to Philly and have her seen at Children's Hospital. People come from all over the world and you should do the same. Good luck. Of course, as others have said, if she's not hurt then no case.

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  • Why does my husband need car insurance for motorcycle accident to file claim?

    My husband was in a motorcycle accident. It was clearly there other person's fault. My husband has motorcycle insurance. He hired a lawyer. Lawyer claims he needs auto insurance declaration page to continue. But we didn't have auto insurance in ti...

    Michael’s Answer

    There are 80,000 attorneys in New Jersey. Many in the Gloucester, Camden, Cumberland area near you that will be more than happy to meet with you to explain the law. He or she may be confusing the law. If you do not have insurance then you cannot sue. But that's not your case. Good luck.

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  • Can a judge legally order a default judgment for money against me when I was never even served properly?

    I was issued a default judgment against me for under $1,000.00 from a former creditor who had a lien on my checking account. I was in the process of doing the paperwork to have the judge vacate the judgment on the grounds that I was never served ...

    Michael’s Answer

    Here's the law: According to
    R. 4:4-3(a), the summons shall be
    served, together with the
    complaint (and the required a
    ttachments to the complaint wh
    ich include the CIS pursuant
    to R. 4:5-1(b) and TAN pursuant to
    R. 4:5A-2), by the sheriff, or
    by a person specially
    appointed by the court fo
    r that purpose, or by plaintiff’s
    attorney or the a
    ttorney’s agent,
    or by any other competent adult not having
    a direct interest in the litigation.
    If personal service cannot be made after a reasonable and good faith attempt,
    which must be described with specificity
    in the proof of service required by R. 4:4-7,
    service may be made by mailing a copy of the summons and complaint by registered or
    certified mail, return receipt requested, to the
    defendant’s residence or to the residence of
    a person authorized by law to accept service for
    the defendant or, with
    postal instructions
    to deliver to addressee only, to the defendant
    ’s place of business or employment. If the
    addressee fails to claim or refuses to accept
    delivery of the registered or certified mail,
    service may be made by ordinary mail addresse
    d to the defendant’s residence. The party
    making service may, at the party’s option, make service simultaneously by registered or
    certified mail and ordinary mail, and if the
    addressee fails to claim or refuses accept
    delivery of registered mail and if the ordinary mailing is not returned, the simultaneous
    mailing constitutes effective service. Mail may be addressed to a post office box in lieu
    of a street address only if the sender cannot
    by diligent effort determine the addressee’s
    street address or if the post office does not make street address delivery to the addressee.
    The specific facts underlying service must be recited in the proof of service filed with the
    court pursuant to R. 1:5-3. See R. 1:5-2.

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