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Robert J McGuirl

Robert McGuirl’s Legal Guides

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  • Presenting Scientific Concepts at Trial

    Presenting a case at trial for a jury is like writing a good story for readers. The key to good writing is good editing. Most editing involves making sentences and paragraphs more concise and direct. A well-edited story will usually be shorter than the original draft. The goal ...

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  • Benefits of Early Intervention in Products Liability Cases

    It is no secret that plaintiffs and their attorneys typically want to settle cases quickly. Its also no secret that much of every dollar spent by product liability defendants goes toward litigation costs, not compensation to injured plaintiffs. Some cases stretch out for years i...

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  • Cross Examining Expert Witnesses

    Cross-examining the expert for the adverse party is one part of a trial that makes an attorney really feel like lawyer. Weve seen hundreds of lawyers on television and in movies tear up an opponent with a sizzling cross, and we cant wait to do the same in our case. However, att...

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  • Designating a Corporate Witness for Deposition


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