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  1. A New Law Awards Attorney Fees to New Jersey Residential Tenants

    Written by attorney James Caporrino, about 1 year ago.

    With a stated purpose of ensuring parity between landlords and tenants, a New Jersey law requires that when the lease gives the landlord a right to recover fees and expenses, a parallel implied covena

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  2. An Argument for Relaxation of Strict Application of the Security Deposit Act Notice Requirement

    Written by attorney James Caporrino, over 1 year ago.

    The Rent Security Deposit Act (NJSA 46:8-19 to 26) ("the Act") provides that alandlord of residential premises must notify a tenant in writing, within 30 days of the initial receipt of a securitydeposit, of the name and address of the bank in which the security is deposited, the ...

  3. Common Misconception About Residential Evictions in New Jersey

    Written by attorney James Caporrino, over 3 years ago.

    One of the most common misconceptions relating to residential evictions in New Jersey is the belief that if a tenant is a month-to-month tenant, that tenant can be evicted upon30 days notice. Generally, unless the tenancyis in an owner-occupied premises with not more than trwo re...


    Written by attorney James Caporrino, about 5 years ago.

    Tenant Rights Relating to Foreclosure As a tenant you have the same rights if your landlord is in foreclosure as you do if your landlord is not in foreclosure. Just because the rental premises is the

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