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Steven Tarta’s Legal Guides

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  • A Real Estate Residence Trust - How Great Is This

    A Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT) is a trust in which the person establishing the trust, call the Grantor, reserves the use of a residence (either the Grantor's primary residence or a seasonal residence) for a specified term of years. In the trust agreement, the Grant...

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  • The Advantages of Grantor Dynasty Trust

    Tax attorneys work daily to create income tax schemes that wind up being incomprehensible to most people. Along with this, accountants devise incomprehensible rules and regulations regarding the gift and estate tax. Luckily, the inconsistencies between income tax rules (one par...

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  • The core of Estate Planning is the life of each human being

    Do you recall the process that ultimately led to the completion of your estate plan? You asked a question or voiced a concern about estate planning. Do I need a living trust? Will my estate pay a lot in taxes at my death? Can I avoid probate expenses? The response to these ques...

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  • Life Insurance and your favorite charity: a WIN-WIN for everybody

    The charity holds the policy for the balance of the donor's life and the donor makes a gift to the charity of the premium due annually to maintain the policy in existence--NOT such an expensive annual burden, which is TAX DEDUCTIBLE to the donor. Also, upon the death of the don...

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  • The Revocable Trust

    Once your Revocable Living Trust is created, title to your assets are transferred to it. You will transfer your bank accounts, certificates of deposit, real estate, investments, etc. into your Revocable Living Trust. When this process is complete, you, as an individual no longe...

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  • Why YOU should GIFT this December, 2010

    Why You Should Really Gift this December Now that the mid-term elections are over and the political landscape has changed, remember that the common wisdom of last year was that lawmakers would not allow the federal estate tax to expire how wrong we were! Even with the deaths of...

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