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Steven Tarta’s Answers

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  • Hi I would like to know if I need a lawyer in NJ to update my will or make changes to it like the executer etc... or can I do it

    I had it made about 15 years ago. I dont think u need a lawyer to make a will in nj? Can I do it and use a notary?

    Steven’s Answer

    You can make your own will without going to an attorney; however, I don't suggest the procedure. The Rules of Civil Procedure which must be honored to create proper and acknowledged documentation are different when creating enforceable documents drafted by an attorney as opposed to documents drafted by the layman.

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  • Are The Crummey laws still effective in NY?

    My Family are all beneficiaries of My Deceased brothers Estate and trust. my sister the executrix and trustee along with her attorney who does not care for me. Have not given us an information for my children to receive the money as my sisters chi...

    Steven’s Answer

    The Crummey Letters are required to be send pursuant to the terms of the trust. However, it appears that you are lacking information that would be available by obtaining a copy of the decedent's Last Will and Testament from the Surrogate Court. This may bring you to the beginning of your journey, then if you continue to receive no information, go back to the Surragate Court and request their aid in challenging the personal representative of the estate

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