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Lawrence Michael Centanni

Lawrence Centanni’s Legal Guides

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  • And the DWI Defense lawyers are attacking Alcotest.

    New Jersey admitted to discontinue the Alcotest instrument (it detects through fancy science whether someone is drunk) in the near future. As a result of this, two high powered DWI attorneys made an application to the New Jersey high court to immediately discontinue the Alcotest....

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  • Oh the Supremes made NJ DWI Blood cases a little bit more difficult to prove.

    Things have become a little bit more difficult for the State of New Jersey to successfully prove a per se DWI where blood is extracted from the Defendant. Leave it up to the Supremes to throw a monkey wrench into the mix where DWI law is always a hot topic (please see the Alcotes...

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  • Unsafe driving.

    People who receive a common traffic violation (careless driving, failure to signal, et cetera), it is usually changed to an unsafe driving violation. Putting aside the legislative intent of the statute (revenue for the State), a person who pleads guilty to an unsafe driving, rece...

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  • Cell Phones laws need to become tougher.

    We have seen that driver use his or her hand held device in a number of instances; telephone calls, text message, e-mail, or downloading the latest application. At a first glance, it seems harmless. However, the use of hand held devices while driving is becoming an epidemic. When...

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