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  1. In NJ Is it illegal to own a pipe an officer classifies as a "crack pipe" even though there is no evidence of crack,

    Answered 15 days ago.

    1. Eric M. Mark
    2. William J Popovich
    3. Christopher T Campbell
    4. Raymond Andrew Grimes
    5. Alan Peyrouton
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    Under State and Federal Consititutions, the State (police) only need probable cause (very low standard) to arrest someone they believe committed a crime. At trial, the State must prove every element of the alleged crime Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (highest standard in the law). Therefore, to make an arrest for possession of a "crack pipe" the police merely need probable cause to believe that the pipe in question was used for smoking crack. At trial, the State may produce lab results to show...

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  2. Possession of cds in a motor vehicle in NJ defense?

    Answered 2 days ago.

    1. Savyon Grant
    2. Eric M. Mark
    3. James Alexander Abate
    4. Mark M Cheser
    5. Alan Peyrouton
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    This is a very complicated area of law and I strongly recommend that you retain an attorney. There exist many variables surrounding the stop and arrest that need to be carefully examined. The fact that you held a permit and not a license is irrelevant with regards to potential underlying conviction. However, if you do not retain the services of a qualified criminal defense attorney, you will face serious direct and collateral consequences. The loss of your driving privileges is just one of...

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  3. My friend eluded police in nj in my car when I was at work and he got away whats going to happen to me

    Answered 1 day ago.

    1. Michael L Pescatore
    2. Christopher J Basner
    3. Eric M. Mark
    4. Thomas G. Briody
    5. Mark M Cheser
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    I agree with my colleagues. I would only add that it is important for you to understand that you have a right NOT to speak with any law enforcement officer. Retain an attorney and he/she will represent you in the event that you are either the target of an investigation or a witness. It is my experience that people get in to trouble when they try to explain the circumstances surrounding their involvement in potential criminal activity. Invest a few dollars, retain an attorney and have peace...

  4. Can I drop charges against someone if there already was an arraignment and judge offered them PTI? I did not appear at court.

    Answered 2 days ago.

    1. Mark M Cheser
    2. William J Popovich
    3. Christopher J Basner
    4. J. Denise Carter
    5. Michael L Pescatore
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    I agree with all of my colleagues. I just want to clarify something regarding who offers PTI. I'm splitting hairs but it's neither the judge, nor the prosecutor who offer PTI. Entry into the PTI program is seldom available if a prosecutor objects. The standard under rule 3:28 states: Eligibility for PTI is broad enough to include all defendants who demonstrate sufficient effort to effect necessary behavioral change and show that future criminal behavior will not occur. Any defendant...

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