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Edward S Snyder

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  • How do I get a motion enforced to enter a completed QDRO for my ex-husband's union pension?

    I was divorced in 2006. A QDRO was court ordered, but ex-husband refused to have done. I paid to have it completed last fall and filed a motion to have enforced. Judge granted ex 30 day extension to allow ex to redo. It was completed in January,...

    Edward’s Answer

    This could be a very serious problem for you if your ex has remarried. If he has remarried and dies without the QDRO entered you could be out-of-luck as you are not a spouse and have no survivor benefits. You should get this done immediately.

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  • I married in California but now reside in New Jersey What state do I file for a divorce?

    Need to know what state I file for a divorce CA or NJ? Which divorce laws will apply in my case?

    Edward’s Answer

    If you have lived in NJ for at lease one year, that is the State in which you file. You should consult an attorney with expertise in NJ Family Law. Good luck!

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