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Kyle Macci’s Answers

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  • My husband has a rap sheet that lists his nolled cases on it. Is there a way to have them removed from his rap sheet?

    He is incarcerated and is going to go before the parole board, but with the nolled cases on his rap sheet it looks worse than it is.

    Kyle’s Answer

    The State Police Bureau of Identfication is responsible for maintaining criminal history records. After 13 months, the nolle will automatically turn into a dismissal. Once this occurs, the nolle disposition will continue to be listed unless you write the SPBI a letter demanding erasure under CGS 54-142 (c) (1)
    "Whenever any charge in a criminal case has been nolled in the Superior Court, or in the Court of Common Pleas, if at least thirteen months have elapsed since such nolle, all police and court records and records of the state's or prosecuting attorney or the prosecuting grand juror pertaining to such charge shall be erased, except that in cases of nolles entered in the Superior Court, Court of Common Pleas, Circuit Court, municipal court or by a justice of the peace prior to April 1, 1972, such records shall be deemed erased by operation of law and the clerk or the person charged with the retention and control of such records shall not disclose to anyone their existence or any information pertaining to any charge so erased, provided nothing in this subsection shall prohibit the arrested person or any one of his heirs from filing a petition to the court or to the records center of the Judicial Department, as the case may be, to have such records erased, in which case such records shall be erased."

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