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Robert M Fortgang

Robert Fortgang’s Legal Guides

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  • Reasonable Accommodations Under Title VII and Massachusetts - M.G.L. 151§4

    I received a call from an employer engaged in retail sales regarding an employee who has represented that an expansion of her existing job responsibilities to include selling lottery tickets, would be against/offensive to the precepts of her religion. Given the liability that th...

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  • How Do Bonuses and Incentives Affect a Nonexempt Employee’s Overtime Pay?

    Bonuses and incentives that are dependent on hours worked, productivity, or efficiency must be included in determining an employee's "regular rate" of pay, since the "regular rate" is the basis for determining the overtime rate. For example, an hourly employee who earns $10.00 pe...

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  • How Do You Calculate Overtime for a Nonexempt Employee Who Works Two Jobs with Different Pay Rates?

    There are two methods for determining an employee's overtime rate when he works two jobs at different pay rates. 1. The first way involves calculating the employee's regular rate of pay by taking the weighted average of the two jobs. To find the weighted average, you compute t...

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