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Joseph M Tapper

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  • My fiance immigration issue

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stella

    Hired Attorney

    Atty, Tapper is a man of noble character with a heart of gold. He is very understanding, and eloquent on immigration cases. He handled our case with so much dedication, expertise, experience and knowledge. He was there all the way, and treated like he knows exactly what I'm going through. Tapper is a man after my heart, I will recommend him to anyone with immigration issue, he is the best. Thanks to him, my fiance is here and we are happily married now.

  • Life Changing Experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eugenia

    Let me Express my Gratitud to God and Mr Joseph M Tapper. My case was impossible for a lot of attorneys that I consulted but when I meet Mr Tapper, I was sure that he was the person to get the job done. Thanks to his knowledge and perseverance, I became a citizen of the United States of America this year. Mr. Tapper is an excellent attorney, and I strongly recommend his services.

    Thank you for changing my life.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandra & Donovan

    Mr. Tapper is a True Professional who does not promise what he cannot deliver. He has therefore earned my utmost respect and as a result would not hesitate to give him the highest recommendation to any other prospective clients.

  • I just received my green card with the help of Attorney Tapper and his team!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Mr. Tapper and his team helped me obtain my green card. I applied for a green card through VAWA which turned into an extremely complicated and prolonged process. All in all, my process took 3 years and there were times that I became very frustrated with the slow process. Nonetheless Joe always assured me with his sage advice which are based on his vast knowledge of the immigration law and his extensive experience in this field. I would highly recommend Joe and his team for anybody who is caught in the convoluted immigration legal system. Joe will offer you the best possible legal advice and will be a steadfast presence throughout the entire procedure.

  • I Trust Att. Tapper

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    I would like to say a big "thank you" to Att. Tapper and his team for helping my family.
    My relationship with Att. Tapper goes back 10 years to the year of 2003 when he helped me with my I-360 case, and later my Permanent Residency.
    This was a difficult and unusual case, however, Att. Tapper made certain that all my paperwork was in order.
    Nine years later I needed to help my Mom get her Permanent Residency after she was denied a non-immigrant visa twice. I now live across the country, over a thousand miles away from CT, but I chose to ask Att. Tapper to take on my Mom's case. He handled her case over the phone and by email. His team and him were always there for me answering my countless questions, listening to my concerns and making sure everything went smooth first with the USCIS, the National Visa Center, and later, the US Embassy abroad.
    I am getting ready to start my Father's immigrant visa paperwork. I am contacting Att. Tapper again to handle his case.
    Thank you again Att. Tapper for all you have done for my whole family!

  • Outstanding Team - Great Job - Excellent Support

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Luis Soares

    I have been working with Mr. Tapper and his team for the last 6 years. We start with H1B visa, after renewing it 2 times, we had to apply for Greencard. Just after labor certification, had to start it over due to relocation. Mr. Tapper and his team kept me informed of each step of the process. He took care of all the paperwork, paroles, and everything else needed. Anytime I needed his help to clarify questions, he was available and willing to help. Thanks Mr. Tapper and his team.

  • Great Lawyer, Very honest. Very dependable, Always kept in touch. works with excellent team.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anand

    I'm a very Happy New Permanent resident from West Hartford, CT. I applied for my I 485 along with I765 in mid August 2006. i was interviewed the day before Thanks giving. I had to re apply for I 765 again in January 2007 since there was no response on my earlier application.

    Mr.Tapper was aggressively corresponding with USCIS making sure there were no more delays with my application.

    My I485 was still pending. The USCIS did not even respond. They were not moving my case and getting any information of case status was impossible..

    At this point, Mr. Tapper used his experience to go though 'Lawyers Association'. The USCIS had to respond to them. He then moved forward to challenge the USCIS with all documents, giving no more room to delay my application.

    I was asked to attend a second interview on February 14, 2008 at the Hartford USCIS office. I don't know how some of these guys end up working for a Federal office. This time Mr. Tapper took control of our conversation. He was not comfortable with the officer who i thought did not have the courage to approve our case.

    This is where Mr. Tapper used his great reputation as a 'NO NONSENSE' lawyer with many years of experience, moved my case with the higher staff at the USCIS. The officer promised to look into my application.

    At this point Mr. Tapper kept contacting the officer until USCIS almost every day. The USCIS office was not interested in completing my case. This was almost the end of July 2008.

    Mr. Tapper contacted me with our options. He came in contact with USCIS, to sue them. He was not kidding. We were laying out our ground plans to file a law suit. The USCIS knew our plan and moved our case to New Jersey.

    This was not going to slow our plan. Mr.Tapper having come so far, did not want to give USCIS waste anymore time with my application.

    I received my letter of approval with a letter dated July 29, 2008. My Permanent resident card arrived few days later.

    I'm so glad i got to know Mr. Tapper. My brother also worked with to get his residency and later his citizenship. i owe a lot to Mr.Tapper who worked tirelessly on my case.