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Daniel N Mara

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  • Lawsuit on contract

    had a verbal contract on tax leins person agreed topay me 12,000.00 over a period of 2yrs at 500,00 per month and Isaid if e was short some months he could make it p the following month. I trusted this fellow as I knew his employer very we...

    Daniel’s Answer

    You have evidence of an agreement (12 months of payment at $500/month) and forbearance (you did not force the sale of the property). You can enforce the verbal agreement, but may be subject to a defense under the Statute of Frauds which generally requires that any agreement pertaining to real property (I assume the lien was on real property) be in writing. The analysis of a Statute of Frauds defense can be complex and varies state-to-state.

    I'm unclear about how you came to be able to enforce a tax lien. Did you lend money to someone to enable them to pay off a tax lien? Are you talking about seeking repayment of a loan?

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