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Robert D Palcsik

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    My son age 2years, tested positive for lead, and his lead level was always going high, Department of health tested my house and other places where my son always had contact with, but the paint in this places tested negative for lead content, final...

    Robert’s Answer

    Remember that if you bring this case, it will be your responsibility, that is, you carry the "burden of proof", to show the connection between the babysitter's apartment your son's ingestion of lead. You will need to hire expert witnesses to do that.

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  • I was bitten by a dog while making a delivery at work. am i entitled to any settlement

    customer opened door to take reciept and dog forced his way out bit my left upper thigh and right forarm. i was treated for 3 punctures in the thigh and one on the arm. this was billed to workes comp. i didnt miss any work but have some moderate p...

    Robert’s Answer

    The others are correct, that if a dog has shown vicious propensities in the past, you can recover. A good lawyer will help you investigate. Bear in mind that any recovery - whether in a settlement or lawsuit - will require the consent of your workers' compensation insurance carrier, and the carrier will have to be paid back a certain amount for cost of the medical treatment you received.

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