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Tara Devine’s client reviews

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  • tara devine review

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    when brought my case tara told me it was 100 percent win-able. After two hearing times(all a continuous matter) she pushed me into making a deal i was really not comfortable with, she did not advise me that a continuation could be applied for. Then she dropped me as a client because she felt she could not properly communicate with me( mind you she did this right before christmas). I felt that she did not compile the material i gave her to build any type of case, she was tardy to set meetings and court hearings, leaving me having to call her office as i sat in the court house looking foolish infront of the judge. She also never returned phone calls leaving me to make legal decisions on my own, something which i was paying her for. She has no kind of organization and is scatter brained at the best of times. And lastly upon dumping me as a client she neglected to write a letter reflecting such, i gave her a month to get the letter written and asked for it on several occasions only to be brushed off and given the ultimatum of sign this and take your files or don't. If you hire an attorney please DO NOT hire tara lest you have the same experience as i.

  • Divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jill

    I felt as if Tara was in tune to my life and my case. She did an excellent job of informing the courts regarding my case. She knew my life inside and out and did not forget a thing. She made me feel really comfortable after sitting threw two days of a custody trial. I would recommend her to everyone who needs an attorney to go to bat for you!