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  1. Family Law Ex Parte: Ex Parte Motions in Divorce, Parenting and Child Support Cases

    Written by attorney Christopher Buck, over 1 year ago.

    Ex parte motions, or "emergency" motions, are exceedingly common in divorce and custody cases, much to the chagrin of Circuit Court judges. Literally meaning "without the [other] party," ex parte motions look like an attractive option for litigants who feel a sense of urgency a...

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  2. How to find affordable legal representation in New Hampshire

    Written by attorney Christopher Buck, almost 3 years ago.

    Affordable legal representation is available, whether it is through reduced fee referrals, unbundled services, sliding scale fee agreements, or legal clinics. But all too often potential clients do not know where to look. This is a guide to help clients get started finding affordable representation.