This lawyer is awful. I brought a multi-family on RI, I put him as my lawyer to handle the trasition for me and the bank. The process is smooth. after the closing the issue start come up. First, I receive a water bill which has previous balance, I checked with town, it says your lawyer didn't tell correct closing date. The closing date is 5/31, but he told water dept 5/23. Second, when I got bill for sewer, it has the same issue. Sewer dept said he told them the closing date is 5/16.
When I ask him why he didn't tell the dept the correct date, can he help to get the sell to pay that? he doesn't explain why, and said we signed the agreement at closing, he will not response any incorrect figure. That is terrible. Recently I got letter from Town tax collector which said I own property tax, I found the reason is he didn't pay off the property tax after closing, he delayed two months. I don't understand why he did that to me? He may do this to everyone. Becarefull!!!!