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  • Can my 16yr old daughter's daughter's mom keep my grandson from me. If not how can i go about seeing him and my daughter.

    My 16yr old daughter had gotten pregnant and now her mom wants to keep my daughter and grandson from me. Is she allowed to do that. Is there anything i can do to see both my daughter and grandson.

    Neville’s Answer

    The best avenue may be to reconcile with your daughter to enhance your relations with your grandchild. Even if you get court ordered visitation with your grandchild, it will likely be limited and performed with resentment. Speak to your counselor to see how you might make amends without escalating the battle to a family court case if possible.

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  • My girlfriend got arrested with passenger he had drugs on him so they let her go no charges but dcyf took her daughter why ?

    Clean bci, very good job, lives in duplex. .how come dcyf took her daughter? ? What can she do to get daughter back faster? Thanks

    Neville’s Answer

    Your girlfriend should meet with an attorney and retain the best one she can. These are very complicated and important matters that merit maximum effort to resolve in a manner to ensure the children are best protected. If she cannot afford a private attorney, the court will appoint one for her.

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  • Is it illegal or unethical for a inmate on work release to have access to other employees personal information

    This inmate did all the preparation of paper for me to be credentialed with insurance companies as a substance abuse counselor.

    Neville’s Answer

    Meet in Private with an attorney to review the particulars in confidence.

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  • Can a veterinarian refuse to serve a client indefinitely for invoking their right of freedom of speech about them?

    My veterinarian charged my account three times wrongfully after receiving payment for a bill, in addition to charging my account THEIR fees for the returned checks they charged unauthorized AFTER receiving payment for the service. I sent a demand ...

    Neville’s Answer

    They are free to decline service to anyone they like for any valid, nondiscriminatory reason.

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  • If I agree to give my mother guardianship can I claim my child if she agrees?

    My mother wants guardianship of my daughter because I moved out of state recently and as to not disrupt my daughter's life.She agreed to allow me to claim my daughter and not receive child support through court because she has claimed my child in ...

    Neville’s Answer

    Your best course to put a persuasive argument before the court as to why you should enjoy the tax credit for raising your child when they are not living with you for the majority of the year is to engage an attorney to assist you.

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  • I was ask by my no ex father in but then was my father in law if I could get out of his forcloser and he would pay me back.

    The amount was for 17,685.00 his daughter which was my wife was there at the time and also ask me to do this and I said yes but I want my money back he agreed and I have the recript showing how much to whom and for whom it was from . can I sue to ...

    Neville’s Answer

    Your best recourse would be to engage an attorney to help you present your case to the court. It is VERY good that you managed to get the loan in writing. Make sure to bring that with you to your appointment.

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  • Step Mom and biological father are threatening to change locks and throw my things out to kick me out?

    What are the rights I have as someone who has been living in this home?

    Neville’s Answer

    It sounds like they are not happy with some aspect of your co-habitation with them. If possible, talk with them and find out what you might change to continue living there. I hope that things do not devolve to the point where DCYF becomes involved.

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  • How do i file for a relief form for the state of Florida when i live in Rhode Island?

    I live in Providence, Rhode Island and i was told i might have to drive or Fly down to Tampa, FL to file for a RELIEF form so my child support can be reduced....???? Is this correct or can i print a form online and send it down, and do appearance ...

    Neville’s Answer

    Contact an attorney in Florida. They will know best how to assist you.

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  • Do I have a cast?

    A dealership forged my pay stub and bank acct to make it look like I made more than I really did that year.. Also sold me a car with damage not visible to the eye. Nothing reports these damages and the car fax they gave me does'nt list damages. I ...

    Neville’s Answer

    Contact a lawyer with all of your documents and the forged pay stub. Make an appointment to meet with them and discus the costs and benefits of the case. There are some good consumer lawyers in Rhode Island. They are:
    Rhode Island Lemon Law Attorney Christopher M. Lefebvre
    Christopher Lefebvre
    When there is a problem with your new or used vehicle the dealers leave you hanging. I sue them!
    Licensed for 27 years - 30 Min Free Consultation
    36 reviews
    Rhode Island Lemon Law Attorney John T. Longo
    John Longo
    I am a consumer rights attorney practicing law in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The best part of my job is suing debt collectors who harass my clients and making them pay their... more
    Licensed for 22 years - 20 Min Free Consultation
    1 review

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  • Hello, my name is Jo-Ann Fandetti, and I live in Jamestown, RI, My deck has collapsed and insurance will not cover it.

    This home was purchased in July 2006 and we had it inspected by Griggs and Browne a couple of small issues which where fixed. In the last 1 1/2 years my large deck has collapsed due to faulty craftsmanship. There were no joist in a whole area of...

    Neville’s Answer

    These question are best addressed in private. You do not really need to post your name and specific issues to the world. Take your questions and documents to a lawyer's office that you find through a friend's referral or though the online referral service, or though the Bar association's referral service and get the best advice you can confidently, and confidentially.

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