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Jeffrey N. Fink

Jeffrey Fink’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Deal With a Business Partner Dispute

    Every business relationship has conflict. Sometimes, though, conflict turns toxic. If you and your partner disagree about major issues with the business or it has become difficult for the two of you to be in the same space, it may be time to consider your practical alternatives.

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  • A Guide to Your Corporate Documentation

    Somewhere, in a file cabinet in your office, sits a stack of papers from when you formed your corporation. Whether you did parts of it yourself or relied on a lawyer or online service, you may never have looked at it again until a problem (like a partner problem) has arisen or a ...

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  • A Guide to Your Limited Liability Company Or Partnership Documentation

    If a question comes up, where in you partnership or LLC documentation do you look first for answer? One of the great advantages of these non-incorporated business entities is the huge amount of flexibility they allow partners to structure ownership and control. However, with flex...

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