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Leonard Zandrow Jr

Leonard Zandrow’s Legal Guides

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  • When Risky Behavior Leads to Strict Liability

    As a general rule, persons seeking to recover civil damages for personal injuries must prove that the responsible party was negligent. In this regard, negligence is typically defined as the failure to exercise reasonable, ordinary care in the circumstances. If the responsible ...

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  • Liability for Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Liability for Motor Vehicle Accidents By Len Zandrow Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of serious personal injuries. Often, these accidents were not within the control of the injured party. This article outlines the main categories of other potential causes and ...

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  • Legal Responsibility in Emergencies

    Although unexpected, emergencies are a regular part of life. People today may be forced to confront natural disasters, serious accidents and even terrorist activities. The law provides special protection to those who furnish aid during emergencies, and this article briefly discus...

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  • Your Rights as a Medical Patient

    There are a wide variety of laws which protect medical patients. A detailed discussion of these rights would be beyond the scope of this article. It is important to have at least a basic, overall understanding of these rights, however, to ensure your safety and well being. Indivi...

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  • Handling Small Insurance Claims on Your Own

    Filing a claim with an insurance company can be frustrating. Complex claims involving large amounts of money or third-party liability for damages like pain and suffering should almost always be handled by attorneys, not laypersons. Some small claims, however, for medical servic...

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  • Strategies for Pursuing Potential Negligence Claims

    SOME STRATEGIES FOR POTENTIAL TORT CLAIMANTS -- Personal injury litigation, an unwelcome bane for most everyone, is sometimes a necessary evil for persons with disabilities. Such lawsuits may provide an important means of paying costly medical expenses and of compensating injured...

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