I have used Attorney Simmons when I originally purchased my home, (which was anything but a straight-forward purchase!) and again, for my most recent home mortgage refinance. My family and I have also used Attorney Simmons and his firm, Simmons and Schiavo LLP, for elder estate planning as well as for any rental real estate questions that have arisen.

My experience, EVERY time was so positive that I felt I had to share my feedback. Below are just a few examples of the ways in which Attorney Simmons and his firm have handled our business in an outstanding manner:
• Exceptionally knowledgeable in all aspects of any legal matter discussed
• Willingness to research and analyze any out-of-the ordinary situations
• Outstanding attention to detail
• Patience and willingness to explain complicated concepts
• Extremely responsive in communication and follow up
• Complete professionalism in dealings with issues involving external third parties
• Comfortable office atmosphere
• Friendly and helpful office staff
• Provision of all related documents on a CD (love this)

I couldn’t be happier with Attorney Simmons and his firm and have recommended (and will continue to recommend) them to my friends and family.