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Eleftherios Konstantinos Travayiakis

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  • Seeking a criminal defense attorney for appeal in drug case in mass


    Eleftherios’s Answer

    I would be more than happy to extend a Free Consultation and discuss issues relative to your appeal.

    Please feel free to contact me directly at 617-325-9500 or via e-mail at

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  • Do they have the right to come in if they dony have an search warrant and make up all kinds of lies?

    they went thourgh every room in my house even theattic and messed up everything went under the mattresses

    Eleftherios’s Answer

    Generally speaking, government must first obtain a search warrant prior to conducting an entry into a home and seizing evidence. There are, however, some exceptions to the rule that might justify a warrantless search.

    The question you ask is way to general to answer appropriately, and I would suggest you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your jurisdiction and provide him/her with all the pertinent facts so the issues can be properly explained to you.

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  • Can i sue the DMV ?

    In 1990 i was arrested in Maine and charged with OUI. I live in Mass. and never went back to Maine to clear it up. In 2005 i received a notice from Ma, that unless i went to Maine and cleared this up, Ma would suspend my license. I went to Maine a...

    Eleftherios’s Answer

    It does appear that there must be more to the facts of your circumstance, as it doesn't make sense that MA would take a 1st ever OUI conviction and suspend your license for 10 years.

    I would suggest you obtain all the relevant court files/documents, including your complete MA Registry history to an experienced OUI lawyer so he/she can properly review everything to figure exactly what is going on and advise you accordingly.

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  • Will i go to court or is it in my record?

    i'm 18 and i was caught shoplifting at saks in new york for $360dlls worth and was never arrested or no police and i was just told i would receive a letter and that i was banned from the store. what is going to happen next?

    Eleftherios’s Answer

    It's possible that you could still be charged criminally: if the store seeks a criminal complaint you could end up summonsed into court for a clerk's hearing.

    As the other answer suggested, you might just have to take the 'wait and see' approach...

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  • Am i likely to win if i appeal this citation

    I am 18 years old, i was pulled over with two of my friends they were drunk they are also 18, i was driving and i was not intoxicated. We had alcohol in the car and one of my friends, who said it was his got a citation for 500 dollars. Is there an...

    Eleftherios’s Answer

    It sounds like you, as the driver, dodged a bullet in this case...

    The Massachusetts Open Container Law states that you can not have an open alcoholic drink inside the car, even if someone else is holding it. The law also provides that, for operators under 21, you can also be arrested and face a license suspension for 90 days, as well as face a fine between $100 - $500.

    It sounds like you were lucky that you weren't fined and/or arrested for this since you are 18.

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  • No court certified disposition

    My husband got a criminal court hearing for driving without a license in mass The magistrate dismissed and he never saw a judge, just told him to not drive and work on getting his license now We do not have a court certified disposition because...

    Eleftherios’s Answer

    If an application for criminal complaint was dismissed, it means that no charges were brought against you and there should be no entry reflecting the issue on your criminal history.

    The clerk's office in the court should have a copy of the application and what occurred at the hearing, which should be reflected in the docket. You can go to the clerk's office and request a certified copy of the docket which hopefully notes that the charges were not issued and the application was dismissed.

    Please note, however, that some Massachusetts court only keep application for criminal complaints on file for 1 year. After that time, the paperwork is shredded and there would then be no record of the case.

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  • My stepson was accused of sexual asault 3days later after he was wit a woman who acussed him what can he do to prove his inocent

    he said she invited him over to have some drinks and smoke and 3 days later police was looking for him he didnt know why until he got arrested and was intorrogated and spend few weeks in jail after he made bail $2500 Now he still pending for a tr...

    Eleftherios’s Answer

    Sexual Assault charges are extremely serious charges, and a conviction could subject your son, not only to jail time, but also other collateral consequences, such as sex offender registration.

    If your son is overly concerned about his current attorney, he should immediately speak with a criminal lawyer who has experience in defending sex crimes charges.

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  • Cwof for in massachusetts but are still on probation do I have to say yes on employment applications?

    I got a cwof in should I answer when asked "have you ever pled guilty or "no contest" to or been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony"?

    Eleftherios’s Answer

    If the questions is whether you have ever pled "no contest", the answer is "yes". However, if the question is whether you have ever pled guilty or been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, you can still answer "no".

    A Continuance Without a Finding (CWOF) is not technically a 'conviction' under Massachusetts law; nor does one 'plead guilty' when obtaining a CWOF. Rather, a CWOF is an 'admission to sufficient facts for a finding of guilty'. Technically, you are not admitting necessarily the truth of all the facts, but only that there are sufficient facts for which you could have been found guilty.

    The answer to this question could change, however, if in the context of immigration law, as a CWOF IS considered a conviction for purposes of immigration.

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  • Need help for shoplifting amount of $492

    i commitied shoplifting yesterday amount of $492 i know i did wrong and this is my first time to do ...i was having hardtime as emotionaly and actually i was went out for get some fresh air but suddenly i commited crime..i dont know why i did tha...

    Eleftherios’s Answer

    Where the amount in question is greater than $250, the potential criminal charge that you could be subjected to, e.g., Larceny Over $250, is a felony, which carries up to 2.5 years in the House of Corrections. Where you have no criminal record, the chances of you actually being sent to jail, however, are minimal.

    One of the larger issues I believe you face, however, are the potential immigration consequences depending on how this matter is resolved. If you were to be found guilty or even were to plea to "sufficient facts" and be placed on probation, you could still be subject to severe immigration consequences, such as deportation, denial of citizenship, and/or denial of re-entry to the United States if you were to leave the country.

    I think it would be in your best interest to speak with an attorney who could go over the changes with you, as well as the potential immigration consequences.

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  • Blackmail?

    I won a 209A restraining order hearing a week ago...plaintiff went to superior and filed harassment protection 209A hearing she alleged raped but never reported it but slept with me in jan consensually...her lawyer said to me if i dont...

    Eleftherios’s Answer

    Given the seriousness of the allegations, e.g., rape, you would be well advised to speak with a lawyer to go over the exact details of what is going on and so that all your options are laid out for you.

    Additionally, where it appears that you could still be at risk for being charged with rape or some other sex crime, anything that you say could also be used against you if you are ever prosecuted.

    You should speak with a lawyer immediately who could advise you properly once he/she has knowledge of all the facts.

    Lefteris K. Travayiakis 617-325-9500

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