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  1. Detective called he needed me to come in for an interview, that my name was mentioned in an investigation they are researching

    Answered over 2 years ago.

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    I advise you not to answer any questions without a lawyer present. In fact, you should first consult with a lawyer. If you are comfortable enough to retain him or her, your lawyer should contact the detective first to "size up” the situation, along with your potential jeopardy/exposure. A weekend call from a detective, with a request for a same-day interview, is unusual. In my experience, it is indicative either that the related investigation has heated up and/or that the recipient of the...

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  2. What is the statute of limitations on a cocaine drug charge

    Answered about 2 years ago.

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    It’s unfortunate you were told you could not get your probation transferred to another state. It’s neither a right nor a guarantee but it can be done, except in certain sex offense cases where the proposed transfer- state is refusing to take-on probation transfers for registered sex offenders. Even though you left 20 yrs ago, there is no statute of limitations on your violation since all the time you have spent away from Massachusetts is excluded. You are likely the subject of an active...

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  3. Change of plea

    Answered about 2 years ago.

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    In federal court, a defendant who has pled guilty to distributing narcotics will, except in limited circumstances, be incarcerated pending sentence. Those limited circumstances must include a recommendation by the prosecution that the defendant will not be incarcerated when sentenced and a finding by the judge that the defendant is not likely to flee or pose a danger while awaiting sentence. In other words, anyone pleading guilty to narcotics distribution charges in federal court, especially...

  4. Can my x get introuble for calling police and DSS on me making false allegations. Police and DSS took no action (no evidence)

    Answered about 3 years ago.

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    The judge is likely to be reasonable under the circumstances you describe. The key is for you to be at the hearing and explain the hardship you are facing and the fact that no charges have issued.