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Michael Rodney St Louis Esq.

Michael St Louis’s Legal Guides

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  • Restraining Orders - Defense and Offense

    DEFENSE: Each year thousands of restraining orders are issued each year based entirly on "he said, she said" scenarios. The courts view this as a non-criminal, civil order and thus have a tendency to issue them to be on the safe side. However, often alleged victims use this oppo...

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  • How to obtain a divorce in Massachusetts

    How to obtain a divorce in Massachusetts To obtain a divorce in Massachusetts, one party to a valid marriage files a "Complaint For Divorce." The Complaint is filed in the County where the parties last lived as husband and wife (if one party still resides in that County.) (If th...

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  • Massachusetts Drug Laws and Sentencing

    The drug sentencing law vary depending on the class of drug and the amount. Within each drug category there are 3 main possible charges: (1) Possession (2) Possession with intent to distribute and (3) trafficking and (4) Conspiracy to violate the drug laws.This guide will focus o...

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  • An overview of sealing criminal records

    The new CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) act went into effect on May 5, 2012. The types of cases available for sealing are as follows: 1) Non-convictions: One must petition the court directly, however there is no waiting period. Cases such as acquittal at trial, no ...

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  • Guide to filing your own criminal complaints in Massachusetts

    Reasons why, steps involved and what to expect in court

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