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  1. Family Law attorney needed to fight for visitation. I have very limited funds . How do I get representation?

    Answered 6 months ago.

    1. Joshua N Robbins
    2. Heather M. Ward
    3. Terri D. Leary
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    You may be interested in exploring "limited assistance representation" (LAR) with a family law attorney. Look for an attorney who is LAR qualified on this forum, or by checking with your local Probate & Family Court, both online and at the Registry's office.

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  2. I'm in Boston, MA and I need to find an attorney that will help me with my divorce at low cost. Can anyone help me?

    Answered 12 months ago.

    1. Meredith Landmann Lawrence
    2. Estela Matta
    3. Heather M. Ward
    4. Tara Candela RN
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    You may also want to look into lawyers who are certified to represent clients on a Limited Assistance Representation ("LAR") Basis. Each Probate & Family Court clerk's office should have a list of Limited Assistance Representation certified attorneys. The lists can also be found online on the court's website. Many Limited Assistance attorneys charge a reduced rate.

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  3. How do I appeal a Temporary Order from the Probate and Family Court???

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. Joshua N Robbins
    2. Steven Edward Zlochiver
    3. Eric Schutzbank
    4. Stephen Scott Pearcy
    5. Henry Lebensbaum
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    If you do so in a timely fashion, you may file a "Motion for Reconsideration" of the judge's (temporary) order. See the Standing Order rules in MA Probate & Family Court on how to file such a motion. Otherwise, as some of my colleagues have stated, absent error of law on the judge's part you may have to wait until a final judgment in entered for relief. If there was an error of law, however, you could try to file an Interlocutory Appeal in the MA Appeals Court.

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  4. Visitation rights for incarcerated father.

    Answered about 2 years ago.

    1. Melissa Anne Levine-Piro
    2. Todd Allen Davidson
    3. Heather M. Ward
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    In the event the father is interested in hiring an attorney on a limited basis, the Probate and Family courts do have a list of certified Limited Assistance Representation lawyers that may be able to assist in this matter. Some even have their pricing listed to give you an idea of what fees the lawyer charges. Good luck to you!

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  5. Where can I find pro bono, low cost, or attorneys that accept payment plans in central massachusetts area?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. William N. Chambers
    2. Mark Twombly Lee
    3. Heather M. Ward
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    Try the Volunteer Lawyers Project (http://www.vlpnet.org/) for free legal aid; if you do not qualify, call my office! (http://www.heatherwardlaw.com/)

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