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Jason Y. Chan

Jason Chan’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Deal with a Restraining Order

    The most important issue perhaps is how it was served. Were you properly served with the restraining order? To violate a restraining order you must know that one exists and you were properly served

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  • How to Deal with That Horrible Speeding Ticket

    Be polite. When you get pulled over do not yell at the police officer. You need to follow instructions and be polite. This sounds simple enough, but a lot of people want to argue with the officer.

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  • OUI: What to Do When You've Been Drinking and Get Pulled Over

    Be kind, courteous and don’t say stupid things. It seems obvious, but I have seen so many of these cases in which people are rude or say stupid things. The officer will put all of your statements in

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  • What to Do if There Are Drugs at a Party

    Don’t run. This is not an easy thing to do, but think rationally about this for a moment. Most of the time when police do a raid on a house they cover all access points. Therefore, by running away fr

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  • What to Do When Interrogated by the Police

    Be polite This is not easy to do. When you get arrested you are probably very upset and want to yell. You need to control your emotions and need to be polite. The police officers will write down e

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  • What to Do When You Owe a Court Fine

    Remember the day that you are suppose to pay the fine The court will give you a time limit to pay your fine. So you need to remember the day it is due and pay it before then. Show up in court If you

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  • What to do when you get a moving violation or a speeding ticket

    There are more speeding tickets being given out now then ever. The state is in a tough economy and it seems like more people are getting tickets.

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  • What to Do When You Are in Court

    Remember your court date You need to make sure what you court date is and show up on that date. If you don't show up on your court date then the court will enter a default and warrant will be out fo

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  • What to Do if You Get Pulled Over for an OUI/DUI/Drunk Driving

    Operation Be careful when you are being pulled over. When you see the flashing lights pull over and don't try to drive away. The officer will note your operation of the car whether it is safe or no

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