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John Thomas Gosselin

John Gosselin’s Legal Guides

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  • Choosing the Right Long Term Care Option

    With millions of Baby Boomers reaching retirement age, many Americans are recognizing the importance of long-term care. The need for such care can be unpredictable because the effects of aging and dis

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  • How to Cancel a Credit Card

    Written Communication First, all communication with your credit card company must be in writing, even if you call and close the account by telephone. Use certified mail and keep the receipt. Notice

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  • How to Notarize a Document

    Identity of Parties The Notary Public first and foremost must positively identify the party to the document who is signing. Logging the Transaction in most states and as a matter of good practice, th

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  • How to Get a Reverse Mortgage

    Underwriting Qualification To qualify for a reverse mortgage borrowers must meet only a few critical criteria: 1. Homeowner (including houses up to 4 units, condo, PUDs, some mobile homes) 2. Owne

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  • How to Avoid Foreclosure

    Why a Lender Would Take a Discount They do not like excess inventory or bad loans on their books; Loss mitigators have incentive to clear up defaulted loans - short sales help do that; and Lenders kn

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