I had a very bad experience with Mark Burrell and won't ever recommend him to anyone for the following reasons.
He never told me he was billing me for ONE phone call or to look at my time-line. He never sent me anything in writing or discussed these charges with me. He took advantage of a young, female with a learning disability. He sued me for $250.00 in small claims. This man lied in front of the judge regarding information he claimed he shared with me. He cannot be trusted and obviously has nothing better to do then attack good, innocent people.
We both received an invite to go on the Judge Alex show in L.A. I believe he set this up to waste my time. He said to me, it's to bad, we could be in L.A. right now and I could of brought my kids". He obviously thinks this was all fun and games and does not take his business seriously.

Be careful. He is a big talker!!