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Matthew Paul Trask

Matthew Trask’s Legal Guides

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  • How Do I Rebuild My Credit After Bankruptcy?

    Establish New Accounts, and Make On-Time Payments Because of the way the bankruptcy system works and the way creditors report reaffirmed debts, you will not get credit for on-time mortgage payments o

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  • Bankruptcy & Taxes: Does Bankruptcy Effect Cancellation of Debt Income?

    With the housing market collapse and the rise in short sales and foreclosures, many former homeowners are faced with the consequences of left-over debt from their mortgage. While deficiency judgments will force many into bankruptcy, there are also problems when the debt is forgi...

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  • Trust-held property creates special problems for protecting your home in Bankruptcy

    Protecting trust assets which were transferred to a nominee trust, primarily for estate planning purposes creates unique issue in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. If you have transferred your house to a trust (or are considering doing so) and want to protect it in the event of a Chapter...

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  • How can I Prevent Objections to my Bankruptcy Petition?

    Do not incur any new debt in the 3 months before filing bankruptcy. If you incurred new debt of $500.00 or more for "luxury goods or services" within the 90-day period before your bankruptcy, or if y

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