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Michael Howard Erlich

Michael Erlich’s Legal Guides

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  • NTSB Is lowering the breath test reading from 08 to .05 logical?

    The National Transportation Safety Board recommended Tuesday that stated lower their threshold for drunken driving with the goal of reducing alcohol-related fatal crashes, which have held steady for much of the past 15 years. The board voted 5-0 to encourage states to change the ...

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  • What happens when a 209A restraining order is scheduled to expire?

    A 209A order can be extended for any amount of time but the typical order is usually if the facts warrant extended for 1 year. If neither party appears or the plaintif does not seek an extension, the order expires as a mater of law. But what happens if it is contested? In Banna ...

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  • Should I take the Breath Test in Massachusetts

    Whether to take the breath test in Massachusetts is a subject of considerable controversy and debate. On one hand, if you score below a .08, there will be no presumption that you were intoxicated. Register an .08 or above, and there is an automatic presumption that you were intox...

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