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Moving violations

Moving violations are traffic infractions committed while a vehicle is in motion, such as speeding, reckless driving, or following another vehicle too closely.

Bennair R. Bateman | Jan 28, 2019

Carpool Lane Violations in Las Vegas, Nevada

Introduction to Carpool Lane Laws in Nevada You can use the high-occupancy vehicle lanes if you are driving in Las Vegas or other places in Nevada. This is only true if you have at least one passenger with you in the car. HOV lanes have certain hours for the exclusive use rules. If you are driving in HOV lanes during the designated hours, you could get a traffic ticket for improper usage. However, a Las Vegas attorney can help to reduce the charges of carpool lane violations to non-moving violations. Are There Times I Can Use the HOV Lanes in Nevada? To avoid carpool lane violations, you should follow the rules set forth for the use of these lanes. It is okay to drive in these lanes if you have more than one person in your car. You can also drive in these lanes if you are on a motorcycle or on a bus. You can avoid carpool lane violations if you use this lane outside of the set hours. In Las Vegas, Nevada, carpool lane designated hours to occur Monday through Friday. There are two time-frames for the designated hours. These are 5 am * 10 am and 2 pm * 7 pm. It is illegal to drive in carpool lanes with no passengers or as stated in the rules. You will not get carpool lane violations if you drive your vehicle in one of these lanes at any other time. Fines and Costs for Driving in HOV Lanes in Las Vegas, Nevada Improper usage of carpool lanes is a misdemeanor in the state of Nevada. This means that you will face fines of at least $250. However, fines for carpool lane violations in the city of Las Vegas are $352. Although misdemeanors can carry a jail term of six months, carpool lane violations do not. Driver*s License Demerit Points for Improper Usage of HOV Lanes in Las Vegas, Nevada The DMV will give you four points on your license if you are guilty of operating your vehicle in a carpool lane. If you get 12 demerit points in a 12-month period, you could lose your driving rights for six months. You can hire a Las Vegas lawyer to help reduce the charge to an illegal non-moving violation. This will keep the DMV from adding demerit points to your license. You can fight a suspended license by having a hearing with the DMV. However, you may want to get a good defense attorney to help you through the DMV hearing process. Does a Nevada Carpool Lane Traffic Ticket Hurt My Car Insurance? Traffic tickets for carpool lane violations carry fines and demerit points. This can raise your vehicle insurance rates. You may want a Las Vegas attorney to help reduce the charges to an illegal non-moving violation. This will keep the DMV from putting demerit points on your driver*s license. If there are no added demerit points, your car insurance should not change. Traffic School and Carpool Lane Charges While the court will not make you go to traffic school for carpool lane violations, it might help. If you go to traffic school within five days of your guilty plea, the judge may reduce the charges to a non-moving violation. This will keep you from getting points on your license. Commercial Driver*s License and Carpool Lane Traffic Tickets You will get the same points added to your commercial driver*s license as for your personal license. Also, you have to tell your boss about the traffic ticket within 30 days. What if I Have an Out-of-State Driver*s License? The DMV in the state where you got your license will add points to your license. The number of points is based on the laws of your state. Can I Get Deported? If you are in the country legally, the state will not deport you for operating your vehicle in a carpool lane. However, you can get deported for any reason if you are an illegal alien. You should get a Las Vegas lawyer for any charges against you if you are not a citizen. How to Fight Nevada Carpool Lane Violations If you feel you got your carpool violations in error, you can fight the charges in court. As a defendant, you can get witnesses, video, photos, or GPS records to prove your case. You, the defendant, can prove that you were not in the carpool lane at all. You can show that you had a passenger in the vehicle with you or that you were in the carpool lane outside of the set hours. Can My Las Vegas Defense Lawyer Reduce My Carpool Lane Traffic Ticket to a Non-Moving Violation? As a defendant for carpool lane violations, your attorney may be able to reduce the charges. You may still have to pay fines. However, the DMV will not add points to your license. Would It Be Better Just to Pay the Fine for Improper Usage of HOV Lane? You may not want to go to court as a defendant. You may think it would be easier just to pay your fines. However, carpool lane violations are still misdemeanors that end up on your record. To avoid this, you can go to court as a defendant to fight the charge for driving in the carpool lane. Even if you are guilty, you may get the court to reduce the charges to prevent some of the impacts on your record. This can also help to avoid DMV points as well. Can I Just Ignore My Ticket for Illegal Driving in the Carpool Lane in Nevada? Driving in the HOV lane without a passenger may seem like such a small thing. However, the court takes all crimes seriously. If you do not pay your fines or show up for hearings, the court will issue a bench warrant. Law enforcement can then arrest you if you commit another offense. The DMV can suspend your license if you fail to appear. Your lawyer can have the judge quash the warrant. The court will also have to clear your failure to appear to prevent the DMV from suspending your license. Can I Ask for a Trial? Operating your vehicle in the carpool lane is only a misdemeanor. This means you cannot have a jury trial, but you can have a bench trial. However, this is not needed. Your lawyer can settle the case before a trial ever occurs. How Long Do I Have to Wait to Seal a Carpool Lane Charge in Nevada? You must wait for a full year after the court shuts the case to seal your file. You do not have to wait if the judge drops your case. Should I Get a Defense Attorney to Help Fight my Carpool Lane Charge in Las Vegas, Nevada? Although you do not need a lawyer, it can help in these cases. The lawyer can be there for you in court so that you do not have to miss work. This is also helpful if you live out of Nevada. A lawyer also knows the laws, so may get you better results than if you try to fight the case on your own.

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How do I Fight a Failure to Signal Ticket in Las Vegas?

Intro Drivers who fail to do so can be charged with a misdemeanor moving violation. With the assistance of a qualified attorney, a failure to signal charge may be dismissed or at least reduced to a non-moving violation, which will prevent the DMV from issuing demerit points against your driver's license. Can I Get a Traffic Ticket for Failure to Signal? You might know them as blinkers or indicator lights, but turn signals must be used any time you make a turn or change lanes in Las Vegas and other regions across the state of Nevada. Whether you are in a business district, residential area, or wide open highway, these rules must be followed. When you are in a residential or business district, at least 100 feet prior to turning or changing lanes you must use your turn signal. If you are on the highway or open road area, you must activate your blinkers at least 300 feet prior to changing lanes or turning off of the road. Drivers changing lanes or turning must be sure that it is safe to do so. When pedestrians may be impacted because you are turning or changing lanes, you are required to honk your horn to notify potential pedestrians of your intent. Drivers must also use appropriate signals when slowing down or stopping abruptly to give other drivers enough notice to prevent a collision. What are the Penalties for Failure to Signal in Nevada? The amount of the fine you will have to pay for a failure to signal traffic ticket can vary between cities and counties within the state of Nevada. In the city of Las Vegas, the fine is $205. Because this traffic offense is considered to be a misdemeanor, you could actually face fines of up to $1,000 and may even face up to six months in jail. However, this is such a minor traffic matter that it is very rare for judges to issue such harsh penalties. How do I get a Failure to Use a Turn Signal Reduced or Lowered? You have a good chance of getting your ticket knocked down to a lesser violation for failure to use your turn signal in Las Vegas and other areas of Nevada. The best way is to get the ticket reduced is to contact Attorney Ben Bateman 702-605-0505 Will I get points on my license for a Failure to Use a Turn Signal? A failure to signal misdemeanor traffic violation will result in the DMV issuing one demerit point against your driver's license. While one point may not seem like much, it will remain on your license for a full year. If you acquire 12 or more demerit points from the DMV at any given time, your driver's license could be suspended for six months. You may request a hearing with the DMV to contest this suspension. If you drive while your license is suspended, you can face fines of $1,000 and up to six months in jail. A good way to avoid demerit points from the DMV on your license is to obtain legal counsel with a skilled attorney. A lawyer might be able to reduce your potential penalties, even preventing points from being added to our license. How do I Fight a Failure to Use a Turn Signal in Las Vegas? You can hire a knowledgeable attorney to help you to fight your traffic ticket charges. A good defense could mean a dismissal or at least a reduction in the charge. While it is unlikely that charges will be dismissed completely, there is a chance if there were any eyewitnesses, photographs, or video surveillance to show that the driver did indeed turn on his or her blinkers prior to making a lane change or turning off of the roadway. One defense that a Las Vegas attorney can use to get a dismissal or reduction of the citation for your moving violation would be if there were no other drivers or pedestrians on the road. You are still required to use your turn signals prior to changing lanes or turning, even if no one else is around. However, you do not have to signal if you are slowing down or coming to a stop quickly when no other motorists are behind you on the road. Likewise, you do not have to honk your horn when no pedestrians are around that could be affected by your changing lanes or turning. If you got a ticket for a violation in one of these situations, it is likely that your attorney could have the citation completely dismissed. When turning or changing lanes suddenly out of safety and necessity, such as to avoid an accident, the citation may be dropped if you acted in a reasonable manner and can prove that you had no time to use a turn signal prior to making your move. Will my Insurance Rates Change? All moving violations in Nevada carry the risk of raising your insurance rates. This is generally based on how many demerit points are issued by the DMV for each charge. If your attorney can get the charges lowered to a non-moving violation, your insurance rates will not be affected. Will I have to go to Traffic School? In most cases, the judge will not order traffic school for such a minor offense whether you are in Las Vegas or another area of the state. However, attending traffic school can help to remove one demerit point from your license, or it can be a good faith option that may cause the judge to reduce the charge at your hearing. Issues Affecting Nevada Commercial Driver's License If you are cited for failing to use a turn signal, one demerit point will be added to your personal driver's license and one to your CDL, no matter which vehicle you were driving at the time of the offense. You will be required to notify your employer of the ticket within 30 days of issuance. There is a greater issue to be faced if you have a CDL. It is considered a serious offense if you make erratic or otherwise improper lane changes, and two serious offenses in a three-year time frame can result in a suspension of your CDL for 60 days. If you have a third serious offense in three years, your CDL may be suspended for 120 days. Issues Affecting Out-of-State Licenses You will most likely face similar penalties regarding demerit points issued by the DMV in your state. However, it is important to discuss the matter with a dependable attorney in your home state who has experience with out-of-state tickets to be on the safe side. Can I be deported for a Failure to Use Turn Signal? While traffic misdemeanors are typically not a reason for deportation, it is important for you to protect your residence status by discussing the matter with an attorney. This is especially important if you are an undocumented immigrant. The laws are always changing, so it is difficult to know what types of offenses may be grounds for deportation in the future. How do I seal my records for a Failing to Signaling? You will have to wait for a period of one year after your case is closed to have your record of the charges sealed. However, if the case gets dismissed, you do not have to wait. Fighting the Ticket versus Paying the Fine A misdemeanor moving violation may seem like a minor offense, so you may be tempted just to pay the fine to get it over with. However, since your insurance rates can be affected and demerit points can add up rather quickly, it stands to reason you might be better served by working with an attorney to fight your charges. Possibility for Trial While you would not be eligible for a jury trial for a traffic misdemeanor of this type, you could have a bench trial if you would like. However, with the assistance of an attorney, you may get a reduction of your charges or a dismissal of your case without having a trial at all. Should I get an Attorney? While you are certainly able to represent yourself, a knowledgeable attorney knows how to work with the prosecution to work out deals. Also, having an attorney to represent you could mean that you do not have to take off of work or make arrangements if you are out of state as your lawyer can be there on your behalf. Special attorney sessions are held twice a week to handle traffic matters, meaning your case can be handled fairly quickly. Can I Sue Another Driver Who Does Not Signal and Causes an Accident? If you were injured or your property damage by such an accident, you could take the other party to court and sue for damages. You would want to use what is called a negligence per se claim, which makes it easier for the judge to find the other driver guilty of the charge. You could be eligible for payment for injuries, property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Bennair R. Bateman | Nov 21, 2018

Fines and Penalties for Running a Red Light in Nevada

Potential Punishment You can face a fine that is several hundred dollars. Additionally, you will receive four demerit points as a penalty against your driver*s license. On top of that, if you ignore the traffic ticket for your red light violation, you could be issued a bench warrant. This means that you can be arrested at any time or any place. You will then be held in jail in Las Vegas, Nevada until you take care of the penalties that are connected with this moving violation. This can make it important to seek the advice and assistance of a qualified defense attorney. Is Running a Red Light an Infraction in Las Vegas, Nevada? In many states, disobeying traffic signals may be classified as nothing more than a simple infraction. This is not the case in Nevada. If you are found guilty of running a red light in Las Vegas or in other areas across the state, this is a misdemeanor offense. As a misdemeanor, this traffic violation will go on your permanent record, which can be seen by anyone who does a background check on you. What Penalties Are There for Running a Red Light in Las Vegas, Nevada? While each county and city In Nevada may establish its own penalty schedule, in Las Vegas the fine is generally $305. However, it is important to remember that this fine can be automatically doubled to $610 for running a red light in a work zone. Because this moving violation is charged as a misdemeanor, you can actually face fines of up to $1,000, and you can face jail time of up to six months. It is good to know that it is rare to be issued jail time for traffic tickets, but it can happen. Can a Charge for Running a Red Light in Nevada Be Reduced to a Non-Moving Violation? To reduce your chances of facing maximum penalties for a Nevada red light ticket, a defense attorney may be able to help you get the charges reduced to a non-moving violation. This is especially important regarding the demerit points that are issued against your driver*s license. If you receive too many demerit points over a period of time, the DMV may suspend your driver*s license. In most cases, Nevada courts are willing to work with a defense attorney so that the traffic ticket is reduced to a non-moving violation. Although this can help to address the issue regarding demerit points, it is important to remember that you can still face penalties such as fines and the notation of a misdemeanor on your permanent record. Driver*s License and Demerit Points System in Nevada In Las Vegas and other areas across the state of Nevada, demerit points are issued against your driver*s license for most types of traffic violations. In the case of running a red light, you will be issued four demerit points against your driver*s license. These points will remain on your record for a year. If you accrue 12 points at any time, the Nevada DMV will suspend your driver*s license. This suspension can last for six months. To avoid losing your driver*s license for six months over a red light traffic ticket, you may want to see if a defense attorney can help you to have the ticket reduced to a non-moving violation, which carries no risk of having demerit points added to your driver*s license. If the Nevada DMV suspends your driver*s license because of too many demerit points as a result of the ticket for your moving violation, you have the choice of requesting a hearing to fight the DMV*s decision to suspend your license. If you choose to have a hearing, you have the right to an appropriate defense with the assistance of an attorney for these cases. Is Traffic School Required for a Red Light Traffic Violation? Traffic school is generally not set as one of the penalties, such as fines or demerit points, for running a red light. However, if you plead guilty to your ticket and attend Nevada traffic school within five days of your plea hearing, this offense will usually be reduced to a non-moving violation. While this may not change the amount of any fines that you are required to pay, it will prevent the issuance of the four demerit points against your Nevada driver*s license. How Does This Traffic Violation Affect My Insurance in Las Vegas, Nevada? All moving violations and demerit points issued against your driver*s license are seen by your insurance provider. These companies will base their rates on your driving record, so a traffic ticket can definitely cause an increase in your premiums. While each Nevada insurance provider is different, you may not have to worry about a hike in your rates if your ticket is reduced to a non-moving violation. This is best accomplished with the assistance of an experienced defense attorney. Traffic Violations and Commercial or Out-of-State Licenses If you have a commercial license or your driver*s license is from another state outside of Nevada, your penalties may vary. If you live outside of Nevada and receive a traffic ticket in Las Vegas, you will have to pay fines to the court in Nevada. However, any demerit points will be issued by the state where you hold your license. The number of points you receive will usually be based on the laws in your state for this type of traffic ticket, so getting a defense attorney from your own area may help to reduce the potential penalties and impact that you may face at home. If you have a commercial license and receive a ticket for running a red light in Nevada, you will face the same penalties that you would with your commercial license as you would with a regular driver*s license. However, you have to tell your employer about the traffic violation within 30 days of receiving your ticket. A skilled traffic attorney could be a real asset in helping you with the details involving a traffic ticket against your commercial license. Can I Get Deported? Generally speaking, traffic violations are not a reason for someone to be deported. However, with changing immigration laws, it could be beneficial to hire a Nevada defense attorney. Would It Be Easier Just to Pay the Ticket? While you most certainly can just go and pay the fine to get everything over with, you still have to worry about how the demerit points will affect your license and your insurance rates. So while it might save time and energy to pay the penalties, it could be beneficial to get an attorney to help get the charges lowered to a non-moving violation. Can I Just Ignore the Ticket? While you have the choice to do whatever you want, ignoring this type of charge will result in additional legal problems. If you do not show up to court, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest. You could be arrested at home, at work, or while you are out and about running errands. Your license may also be suspended by the DMV. How Do I Fight a Red Light Ticket? If you are charged with running a red light in Las Vegas, you can opt for a bench trial where the judge will hear your case. Your attorney may be able to provide evidence to have your case dismissed or may work with the prosecution for a reduction of your charges. You do not even have to go to court if your lawyer goes in to represent you. Las Vegas Justice Court has special sessions twice a week just to handle traffic violations. In these sessions, your counsel can hash out the details with the prosecutor to resolve the issue promptly without your presence being required.

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Nevada Seatbelt Ticket Laws

Statutes According to the Statutes of Nevada 1987, all vehicles from the year 1968 and newer must be equipped with lap belts in all of the available seats to be legal for driving on the road. Vehicles 1970 and newer must have the lap belts all around and shoulder belts for at least two of the front seats. What You Should Know If you are caught not wearing a safety belt, you can be fined up to $25 for your first offense. While no demerit points will be placed on your record for this type of traffic ticket, a bench warrant can be issued if you ignore the seatbelt ticket. If a child is not properly secured in the appropriate child restraint or safety seat, a first offense can cost up to $500 or may result in a penalty that requires you to perform 50 hours of community service. Your driver*s license may also be suspended. Although a police officer may not pull you over, simply for not wearing your seatbelt, you can be issued a ticket if you have been pulled over for another traffic violation or another primary offense. Whether you are driving a car, truck, van, or SUV, you must follow Nevada laws in regards to safety belt usage. If you are not sure of the specific laws regarding the use of seatbelts in this state, you can re-read the driving rules or speak with an attorney to make sure you are following the laws. Are seat belts mandatory in, Nevada? The driver and all passengers in a vehicle must wear safety belts according to Nevada law. The driver and front seat passenger must wear a harness-type shoulder belt and a lap belt, whether these are separate or combined into one unit. Depending on the model year of the vehicle, this could be individual shoulder belts that are used in combination with separate lap belts or one-piece assemblies that are a shoulder and lap belt combination. Nevada laws require that at least lap safety belts must be worn by passengers in all permanent backseat positions. Those who are 18 years of age and older are the only individuals that may ride in the back of a pickup truck without the use of a safety belt. Children are not permitted to ride in the back of a pickup truck on highways and roadways. The only exceptions to these seatbelt laws are for farm or ranch work or while in a parade. If you own a pickup truck and plan to have passengers in the back, an attorney can provide you with more details regarding the laws for riding without a safety belt. What are the laws regarding child restraints and safety seats? Safety belt laws for children in Nevada, require the use of special restraints for children who are less than 6 years of age or who weigh less than 60 pounds. NRS*484B.157 specifies that a child restraint must meet certain minimum requirements. Child safety seats must be approved by the United States Department of Transportation following the guidelines that are set in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Child restraints must also be appropriate based on the size and the weight of the child. You also want to be sure that all child safety seats are properly secured within the vehicle according to the installation directions provided by the manufacturer of the child restraint. There are several acceptable devices that can be used for children. These include car seats, booster seats, integrated child seats, and seatbelts that are specially designed to be adjustable for use by children. Nevada*s penalties for not wearing seat belts If you are caught driving in Nevada, while not wearing a safety belt, you could get fined up to $25. Adult passengers can also be fined $25 for not wearing an appropriate seatbelt. As a driver in Nevada, you can also be fined $25 if you allow a child who is 6 years of age or older and over 60 pounds to ride without using a safety belt. Passengers riding illegally in the back of a pickup truck result in fines that can range from $35 to $100. You face more serious penalties if you allow a child who is younger than the age of 6 or less than 60 pounds to ride without an appropriate restraint. You can be fined $100 to $500 for a first offense or $500 to $1000 for a second offense. In lieu of fines in Nevada, you may be required to perform community service of 10 to 50 hours for your first offense or 50 to 100 hours for a second offense. For third and subsequent offenses in Nevada, your driver*s license may be suspended for anywhere from 30 to 180 days. In some cases, you may even face child endangerment charges. This is a serious charge that could result in fines or even imprisonment. You may want to hire an attorney in Nevada, for assistance with this type of seatbelt charge. Can I fight a seat belt traffic ticket? You certainly have the option of paying your fine or of fighting your safety belt traffic violation. However, your results could depend on a variety of factors. You may wish to discuss your specific case with a qualified attorney. Is it possible to get the safety belt ticket dismissed? There is a possibility that you could have your seatbelt violation dismissed, but many factors can affect the outcome of your case. If you would like to pursue this option, you may want to have an attorney handle your safety belt case. Will I receive points on my license? No demerit points will be issued against your Nevada driver*s license if you or a passenger is not secured by a safety belt inside of your vehicle. However, you will receive 1 demerit point if you receive a ticket for the traffic violation of improperly transporting someone in the bed of a pickup truck. While you may not receive demerit points for a car seat violation, your license will be suspended for a third or subsequent offense. Due to the severity of the potential consequences, you may request the assistance of an attorney to help with your safety belt charges. Do Nevada seat belt tickets affect insurance rates? Many insurance companies use the demerit point system to help determine your insurance rates. Since no points are issued for safety belt offenses in Nevada, your insurance rates most likely will not be affected. However, each insurance company has its own rules, so you may wish to contact your agent for additional information. Does Nevada require traffic school for seat belt tickets? You will not be required to attend traffic school for a safety belt offense. You can choose to attend a child safety seat course if you are convicted of a car seat violation in Nevada. Your attorney can provide you with more information on this seatbelt course. If you complete the program within 60 days of your sentencing, penalties may be waived for your first offense. If it is your second offense, the judge may cut your sentence in half. Can I just forget about my safety belt ticket? Ignoring a seatbelt violation will just lead to more serious consequences. If you do not pay your fine or show up for your court date, the judge will issue a bench warrant and your license can be suspended. If this occurs, you may have to get the help of a Nevada attorney to cancel the warrant and to have your driving privileges reinstated. Will a ticket make me lose my commercial driver*s license? In Nevada, the seatbelt law is the same for a basic driver*s license and a commercial driver*s license. While a safety belt violation may not result in the loss of your license in and of itself, it could be problematic if you receive a demerit point regarding a pickup truck violation. You can discuss your circumstances with a knowledgeable Nevada attorney for assistance with maintaining your driving privileges. What about out-of-state licenses and seat belt tickets? If you receive a safety belt violation while driving in Nevada, you will want to discuss the matter with an attorney from the state that issued your driver*s license. Each state has its own rules regarding the use of seatbelts and child safety restraints, so an attorney can help with the safety belt offense process between the two states. Is it possible to *seal* a Nevada seat belt ticket after conviction? Infractions of seat belt laws can be sealed. If you are found guilty, you will have to wait for a full year following the closing of your case to even begin the process. However, if your safety belt case was dismissed, you can begin this process right away. It can be helpful to discuss this with your attorney before you proceed. Should I pay or fight my safety belt ticket? While the decision is certainly yours on whether or not you pay the fines for violating the seat belt laws in Nevada, you may wish to consult with an attorney to determine what would be best in your case. The $25 fine is minimal. If you are not guilty, you may really want to consider this option. If you are facing a car seat charge, speak with an attorney who can lay out your choices. Should I fight my seatbelt ticket in a trial? If you decide to fight your safety belt charge, you can choose to have a bench trial. This means that the judge will listen to both sides of the story before making a decision. Because seatbelt offenses are such minor traffic offenses, you will not be able to have a jury trial. Should I hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney? Before you decide to pay your fine or go to court to fight your safety belt citation, it can be helpful to talk with an experienced attorney to discuss your options. If you live in another state and were issued a citation for breaking the seatbelt laws, you may wish to find an attorney in your home state or the state that issued your driver*s license to help you to make a decision on what you can do regarding your choices.

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Nevada’s Driving With Hand-held Cell Phone Use Laws

Offenses, Fines, and Points Your first offense will not be a moving violation, and you will need to pay a fine of $50. A second offense in a seven-year period is a moving violation and will result in a fine of $100. You will also receive 4 demerit points against your driver*s license. The third and any subsequent offenses will consist of a $250 fine and 4 demerit points. Fines can double if any violation occurs in a work zone. The courts retain an option to tack on additional administrative fees. Legal Cell Phone Usage If you must talk on a cell phone while you are driving, you must use a hands-free headset. In order to be considered as hands-free, you must use an accessory that your cell phone attaches to. The only time you may use your hands during such a communication is to *activate, deactivate or initiate* a necessary function or feature on the device during your communication. It is illegal to engage in texting while driving. Additionally, you are able to use a voice-operated navigation system that is attached to the vehicle. It is not a moving violation if you are using such a device in a vehicle that is autonomously driven by artificial intelligence where it is allowable by law. Other Exceptions of Usage There are certain exceptions to this law. These restrictions do not apply to: - Law enforcement personnel, firefighters, or emergency medical personnel within the scope of employment. - Someone reporting or requesting assistance in regard to a medical, hazardous, or criminal emergency. - Public utility workers responding to an emergency while using a device provided by the company. - Amateur radio operators licensed by the Federal Communications Commission providing information during a disaster or emergency. - Someone using two-way radio communication who has proper licensing. They also must be using a device where controls, except the microphone, are not in the hand. How to Limit the Distractions of a Cell Phone Make your calls before you drive or when you get to your destination. Keep your cell phone put away where you cannot access it while driving. Pull over away from traffic to make necessary calls. You may even be able to install an app to block calls and texts while you are on the road. Always stay focused on the road, and avoid any other activities while behind the wheel. Enlist the help of the passenger for directions or to handle calls. If you know someone is driving, do not call them.