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"Startup" can describe any new business, but usually refers to technology companies. Such businesses often need to address incorporation, financing, and IP law.

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7 essential steps for business startups

by attorney Marc David Rossen

A checklist of steps every entrepreneur should follow to avoid legal pitfalls. See how to pick a business name, file your formation documents, and more.

How to calculate new business startup costs

This calculator will help you determine how much money you'll need when estimating start up costs.

Legal considerations for internet startups

by attorney Jamie Bennett Schneier

Creating an internet startup means you'll need to consider factors unique to online businesses. Here's what you should know before you invest time and money.

Why LLCs aren’t always the best choice for startups

by attorney Samuel Watson Eastman

LLCs are very popular, and offer a number of advantages over other entity types. However, organizing your startup as an LLC isn’t always the best decision.

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