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Legal advice on Nationality discrimination in Georgia

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What If I found plastic in My sandwich and when I reported it I was a victim of racial discrimination and disrespect?
On September 30, 2011 I went to an Arby's restaurant on my break because I had a late lunch. I am NOT a regular Arby's customer; it was actually my third time ever eating there in my life. A co-worker gave me some coupons that would be expiring on 9/30/11 so I went to get her an I some Arby's. I ordered her a regular Beef Sandwich with a coupon for $1.99 and I purchased a pick 2 they had 3 Tenders and a Bacon & Swiss Chicken Sandwich for $4.00. My first order was done immediately; However, the Black American (Shift Leader) at the window advised me it would be 4 minutes before my chicken would be done. When I got back to work after eating my tenders I began eating my burger and after a few bites I bit into the sandwich and noticed a long piece of plastic that was hanging from the sandwich. I then asked my co-worker if I was mistaken what I was seeing, and he confirmed it was a piece of plastic; I wanted someone else to see before I freaked out. I instantly called and General Manager answered and advised me to bring it back to the store, I advised I would be there immediately. When I took the sandwich in and showed it to the General Manager (Tall Caucasian American Lady w/ wavy Blonde medium length hair) the FIRST words to come out of her mouth after seeing it, were "Well this looks like something from a cigarette wrapper and none of us here smokes at all." I said "I beg your pardon, are you insinuating that I smoke cigarettes AND that this piece of plastic came from me when you could CLEARLY tell where the plastic had been lodged into the cheese. I was honestly going to just have her replace my order and ask for something extra for maybe my co-workers for this inconvenience, but my mind changed once the General Manager treated me as if I was some embusult. I was insulted because #1 I DO NOT SMOKE CIGARETTES. I believe if another person of her same nationality had come into the store with the same issue she would have been a lot more receptive in being apologetic. However Comma because I am a young Black American woman I must smoke cigarettes and purposely put things in my Arbys sandwich where I never eat , she questioned my Christianity and my character without any knowledge at all of the person I am. When restaurants mess up my food I always tell them, I am not trying to get anything free I just like for my food to be correct when I order it without the inconvenience of having to even come back within the same day or another day to have it replaced. Fast food is about convenience ….For example, I had a problem with something being missing from my Chick fil-A #RESOLVED <---the General Manager of the Chick fil-A on Jimmy Carter in Norcross Georgia; he got into his car and brought my dressing for my salad because I was already back at work and didn’t get off until 10 and they would be closed. This happened about 2 weeks prior and I am very educated and familiar with receiving good Customer Service and this was by far the Most Racist and Disrespectful display of customer Service. I original was not going to go forward with this However; I had to sleep on it and have to be honest with myself. I always say I live by "Your day begins to end the day you become silent about something that matter" ~Martin Luther King....this issue matters to me because had I swallowed the plastic I could have easily choked and died or been seriously injured. This was the upsetting part because the "General Manager" was never concerned of what could have happened to me or my well-being; she was too busy looking for a way to pass blame instead of admitting the negligence and correcting their wrong. ALSO: I asked if I could keep the sandwich for evidence and the General Manager advised me that she could not give me a refund If I kept the sandwich but I did take a couple of Pictures.

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