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Legal advice on Medical records and personal injury in Dist. of Columbia

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Should I get a lawyer for my car accident if the police report is incorrect and the other party insurance denies the claim?
I was driving in the middle lane, going straight. The other vehicle was in the right turn lane and merged into my lane. When I noticed she didn't see me, I honked my horn repeatedly and swerved in an attempt to avoid collision. The front passenger side of my vehicle collided with the driver side (door) of her vehicle. She would not give me her insurance at the scene, so I contacted the police. When the police arrived, she got into her vehicle (at the suggestion of a male friend she called to the scene) and began to state that she was injured. First Responders arrived and offered to provide medical attention. She declined and the officer had to sign off that she now declined medical attention. The officer took both statements. The other party stated that I was at fault, but she did need to merge into my lane. I told the officer she was at fault as I was traveling straight and made no attempts to merge into her lane. The police report incorrectly stated we both needed to merge into the other lane and he could not determine fault. I filled a claim through the other party's insurance, Nationwide. The other party, who claimed I was at fault, never filed an auto or injury claim through my insurance provider, Geico, and per her provider, she will not although she has no collision coverage through her own policy. Nationwide denied my claim based on the inaccurate police report. Geico believes the other person is at fault, given the location of damage to both vehicles and the fact that the other party is making no claims to recover damages. Geico states they can process my claim using my deductibles then seek to recover damages (returning my deductible) from Nationwide. I did not have personal injury on my policy, so all injury costs are at my own expense. Due to the holiday week, I have not been able to set up a chiropractor appointment.

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