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Legal advice on Life insurance and estate planning in Tennessee

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Can you explain what all this means to me that is said in the POA?
I have POA for my Dad. I was only able to find one account to use for his care. I have him in a nursing home and I am using his funds from this one account to pay for his stay at a nursing home. Step-Mom will not help pay for any of his care even though she has her own money and her own accounts. She says his money is her money after he dies and she doesn't want to use any of it on him b/c that will make her have less when he dies. So - my big question is once this balance in the account I am using starts to get low....and he lives for a longer time then what his money will pay for. - How can I access more of his funds to pay for his care? I contacted his work that he retired from that he has his 401K with but they said POA doesn't allow me to access his funds. He can only request the money and right now he isn't in a state of mind to where he would know to or be able to ask for it. He has stocks but they are in a safe and his wife's house. I also think he might have life insurance. He gets SS but it is deposited in a joint account with his wife. I am just worried on how to go about getting a hold of funds to pay for his care. I don't care if she gets everything once he is gone, but while he is alive I want to make sure he is well taken care of. I am going to put the language from the POA listed here b/c I know different POA say different things. I also listed a question a few minutes ago about whether I could write a check to reimburse myself for all the attorney fees I paid out of my own pocket - to save his life since she wanted to stop dialysis and just let him pass - b/c that was a quick way for her to get his funds without paying out anything. (see below)....**I tried listing the language from the POA but this site said question was too long....let me know if you need me to respond back and I can send it.

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