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Legal advice on Landlord's right to enter in Tennessee

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Does My friend owe rent after being denied access to her rental?
My friend (jamie) moved herself and her furniture in with her friend (Lacey) in mid February 2011. Jamie and her husband had separated. Jamie and Lacey made a verbal agreement with each other for occupancy until July 2011. They did not specify a rent "due date". Jamie paid her rent at different times of the months sometimes in portions. This was acceptable to Lacey. Jamie began to stay with her husband in April 2011. Jamie was trying to repair her marriage but in case it did not work out she left her furniture at Lacey's. She continued to pay rent each month until june 2011 so she could return if she chose to. On May 28 Lacey requested that Jamie mover her belongings out early ASAP. Jamie planned to comply but has been unable to mover her furniture out. On the 17th of June Jamie and her husband split again due to domestic violence instigated by the husband. She contacted Lacey after the incident and let her know she would be returning. Lacey denied her access saying she feared the husband would come on the premises and injure her too. Today Lacey demanded rent for June and threatened to take possession of Jamie's belongings if rent was not paid. I reviewed some of the laws in TN and from what I can see Lacey is in the wrong. She is not allowed to deny access unless she has specific reasons listed in the law. She would need to provide written notice as well. Based on what I read it looked like Jamie should not owe rent for June. In addition it looked as if Jamie has the right to sue for damages. She had to stay in a shelter for battered women because Lacey denied her access to the property. The only written proof available are some text messages. Most of them back up the original agreement for Jamie to live there through July. There is one request by Lacey for Jamie to move out and that text was on May 28. Jamie agreed that she would move out early as soon as she could in a text. Jamie also has text messages proving Lacey refused access, demanded rent and threatened to keep her possessions. Jamie does not want to sue for damages because she is dealing with a divorce and the charges against her husband. All she wants is to NOT pay rent for June because she was not allowed in the house on the 17th. She also wants to move her stuff out tomorrow without any problems. She is anticipating a problem though because Lacey is demanding payment before Jamie can get her furniture. She is going to go there to get her stuff and not pay any money. At that point she is worried Lacey will refuse access again. What is your opinion of this situation? Are we on the right track with Jamie not owing rent due to the refusal of access. Does Lacey have the right to keep Jamie's furniture if she refuses to pay. should Jamie hire a lawyer? If she does can she win and get her attorney fees paid back? Thanks, Leslie Ligon

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